Dragon Ball FighterZ’s Newest Update Adds Custom Tournaments

With over 3 million units soldDragon Ball FighterZ keeps on getting support almost a year out from its launch. The newest update, which recently went live, is one of the biggest so far. Custom tournaments are finally part of Dragon Ball FighterZ, allowing you to choose from a variety of rules to compete with your friends. The update also brings new Z Capsules and a whole lot more!

Check out an overview of everything included in the update:

The custom tournaments, known as “FighterZ Tournament,” is no doubt the biggest part of this update. You can create a tournament from over 70 unique sets of rules. Whether you want to limit the tournament to Yamcha only, require a “flashy finish,” or have fights be strictly 1v1, the possibilities are (almost) endless. The final eight will enter a bracket-style tournament to determine who is truly the best.

By competing in the tournaments, you’ll be able to win Z Trophies, which are also part of the Dragon Ball FighterZ November update. You can buy a Z Trophy Room using Zen, and use it to showcase everything you’ve earned. You’ll also be able to place your Lobby Avatars and change the music in each room, as well. As with any Dragon Ball FighterZ update, new Z Capsules are also introduced, with new ones still on the way. They are, of course, holiday-themed, but are only available for a limited time.

Dragon Ball FighterZ is available now on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.