Something ‘Fantastic’ is Coming to Marvel’s Spider-Man

Despite everything that has already been released for Marvel’s Spider-Man after its original launch date, the party isn’t over yet. During a special Fantastic Four-themed live stream from Marvel Games, we got one of those “announcement of an announcement” teases right at the end. So let the speculation commence, as the possibilities are many.

The live stream was the first part of Marvel’s “Fantastic Four: World’s Greatest Week” event, which will be running through January 16, 2019. In 2018, the Fantastic Four returned to Marvel Comics after a long absence, and this live stream was all about the team’s return to the Marvel Games brand. Of course, most of the stream was about various mobile games, but the massively successful PlayStation 4 title served as the cherry on top at the end. You can check out the whole stream for yourself below:

It’s still early in the week, so who knows when we’ll actually learn what’s coming to Marvel’s Spider-Man. The easy bet is one or more new alternate costumes for Spidey, as he has a long history with the Fantastic Four, and multiple costumes associated with them (that have appeared in other games as well). I’m referring to the comical Bombastic Bagman getup, as well as the more recent Future Foundation suit. Other fans have suggested the Baxter Building could be added to the game’s New York City, which would also make sense considering both Avengers Tower and Dr. Strange’s Sanctum Santorum are a coupe of fun (if not hard to miss) Easter eggs.