The Opening Hours of Death Stranding Are Already Playable

Death Stranding is out in the wild, in a way. A few days ago Hideo Kojima and a few representatives from Kojima Productions paid a visit to Guerrilla Games headquarters. There, a handful of Guerrilla guys and gals were treated to a private Death Stranding showcase. Now, we’ve learned that what they saw was more than a simple slice of gameplay. They got to watch the opening two hours of the game, and apparently, they were very impressed by what they saw.

The revelation comes from Aki Saito, Kojima Productions’ Head of Marketing and Communications. He confirmed that Kojima himself was the one who took controller in hand and guided everyone through Death Stranding‘s introduction. He also shared a touching photo.

In the photo, you can see the box which was gifted to Kojima years ago when he visited Guerrilla Games. At the time, Kojima was traveling the world, visiting studios, and trying to find the perfect game engine he could construct his new project. The box we see above contained a copy of Guerrilla’s Decima Engine, which we now know forms the foundation of Death Stranding. It seems that everyone at Kojima Productions remembers who their friends are.

Saito also teases that Death Stranding isn’t fully completed yet. The ellipsis puts a strange emphasis on the word “yet,” almost implying that the game is nearing completion. In case you missed it, we also had a subtle tease from Troy Baker which could be hinting at a 2019 launch for Death Stranding. You can read more about that here.