Preloading for Anthem’s Demo is Now Available Across All Platforms

Anthem’s VIP demo will go live on January 25, 2019, followed by the public demo on February 1st. To get ahead of the curve, those interested in trying BioWare’s latest can preload the game now on the PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One. On console, the demo’s download size weighs about 25GB. The download for PC is much larger at around 43GB.

Despite Anthem having a designated tag on the PlayStation Store’s front page, searching for the demo is required. The Anthem tag only offers preorder options. However, the demo itself should not be too hard to find. It’s the first item that appears when typing Anthem into the PlayStation Store’s search function on the PlayStation 4.

Recently, BioWare began sharing a few details about what players can expect from Anthem’s trial sessions. For one, the demo does not include the game’s final build. Rather, players will launch into a “specific demo build,” according to Lead Producer Mike Gamble. As such, progress made during the demo will not transfer to the full release. Additionally, Executive Producer Mark Durrah revealed that players will start Anthem’s demo in the middle, without tutorials.

To obtain access to the VIP demo, players must either preorder Anthem or have a EA/Origin Access subscription. Participants in this period of the trial session will receive three additional access codes to give friends. On February 1st, however, BioWare plans to open the demo to everyone, regardless of preorders or subscriptions.

The highly-anticipated Anthem will release for the PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One on February 22, 2019.