Dreams Finally Launches in Early Access Later This Year

Ever since we first found out about Dreams during the PS4’s reveal in 2013, a running theme has been that this game has been development for a long time. The team at Media Molecule is super talented and has ambitious goals for what they create. Well, Dreams will finally be available to purchase in spring 2019, under the caveat that it will release in Early Access.

After the success of the beta in January 2019, Dreams has started to pick up speed, and the community can see the potential of this game. There were some incredible creations, too, and we even compiled a list of our favorites. Now that Media Molecule has a better idea of what the community can do and has been given useful feedback, the developer is finally ready to release Dreams in Early Access form. According to a post from the Studio Director of Media Molecule on the PlayStation Blog, you can purchase early access to Dreams this spring for $29.99.

It appears like this will only be available digitally and is “a strictly limited release to ensure that we have a chance to listen to all of you.” There was no official release date given, but since spring is rolling around, we’ll likely get one soon. It’s not exactly clear what “strictly limited release” means, though. Maybe it’s only limited because it won’t be releasing physically? Perhaps it will only be sold until the full game appears?

Limited or not, it’s great that we can finally give Media Molecule money for what it has been working on for the past six years. We aren’t sure when Dreams will release in its full format, but it could still be a ways off since Media Molecule has such ambitious plans.

We’ll let you know when we get a firm release date for Dreams‘ Early Access.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]