God of War Documentary

Here’s When You Can Watch Raising Kratos, the God of War Making-of Documentary

When we first heard word that Santa Monica Studio was producing a God of War ‘making of’ documentary called Raising Kratos, it generated a lot of excitement. Diving into how 2018’s masterpiece was made will no doubt be a treat, and we finally know when we’ll be able to check it out.

Below, you’ll find the tweet from Santa Monica Studio, with a trailer for the new documentary and a release date of May 10th, which is only a few short days away. It is this Friday at 12:01am PST, to be exact.

The short trailer features Christopher Judge, Kratos’ voice actor, talking about learning as much as you can from everyone and being open to doing so. It’s a great point that goes to show how thoughtful the development team is and that God of War isn’t just about murdering your enemies.

In the documentary, we’ll get a look at some of the studio’s challenges during development over the course of three years of filming, and how they managed to bring to life the Kratos we know today. Santa Monica Studio had over 400 hours of footage filmed for this documentary, which is kind of mind boggling to think of.

Raising Kratos will not only focus on the making of God of War, but will also highlight a handful of developer experiences showing just how much time and effort was put into making the game. It’s a chance to recognize the talented individuals behind God of War, just as much as it is about the game itself. Seeing how games are made is absolutely fascinating, so we look forward to Raising Kratos when it releases this Friday. And although it’s unlikely, we’re also hoping to hear something about a sequel soon.

Surely, you’ve played God of War by now and if so, will you check out Raising Kratos? Let us know!

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