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Fly an X-Wing in This Awesome, Star Wars-Inspired Level from Dreams

Over the last few months, Dreams users have worked wonders by creating and recreating moments inspired by popular culture. The latest creation to take the internet by storm is a Star Wars-inspired level, where players hop into the cockpit of an X-Wing. Simple combat mechanics and an incredible amount of detail are enough to give any fan of the beloved franchise pause.

See what makes this Star Wars level in Dreams so special in the video below:

Dreams user gauffreman created the level. Perhaps to avoid potential copyright issues, this Star Wars content has the title of Space Wars: Forcefighter. It’s clever, to say the least, and does the content itself justice. The quality of the sound effects, background music, and the details on the ship cannot be understated. According to YouTuber Project Genesis, who plays Forcefighter in the above video, the controls are also worthy of applause too.

In the video’s comment section, gauffreman, the level’s designer, revealed that crafting everything took roughly three weeks of work. Apparently, the work will not stop there; gauffreman also intends to add “2 or 3 more levels and new features.” For now, details about what these plans will specifically include remain under wraps.

Star Wars fans in search of a full blown interactive experience don’t have long to wait. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order will have a gameplay reveal during this year’s EA Play event. The title is slated to launch later this year on November 15th for the PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One.

Dreams has allowed creators to experiment with other popular properties, as well. Sucker Punch’s Ghost of Tsushima recently received some love. Metal Gear Solid’s HD remake in Dreams has gotten its own share of internet buzz. And the same can be said for the opening segment of Marvel’s Spider-Man.

Dreams is currently in Early Access on the PlayStation 4 for $29.99. At present, Media Molecule doesn’t seem to sure about how long the title will remain in the Early Access stage.

[Source via Push Square]