A Game of the Year Edition for Marvel’s Spider-Man Could Be on the Way

Not one of the millions who have already purchased a copy of Marvel’s Spider-Man or simply don’t mind double-dipping? This news may please you. If an Amazon listing is anything to go by, Sony and Insomniac could be planning the release of a Marvel’s Spider-Man: Game of the Year Edition. At present, the listing does not appear on Amazon’s US site. However, the game’s potential GOTY edition does have a product page on Amazon UK.

Check out a screenshot of the Amazon UK listing down below:

marvels spider-man goty

As you can see, the title’s page on Amazon UK has very few details, with the title being the only new information offered. Consequently, there’s no way of knowing what the GOTY edition may have packaged within it. Obviously, such a release at the very least would include the full game and The City That Never Sleeps add-ons. All of the title’s various free updates and post-launch suit releases would likely be on a GOTY disc, as well. Might other extras be included, though? Perhaps it could include a commentary track from developers, à la The Last of Us: Remastered, perhaps? We could only hope.

This news, which neither Sony nor Insomniac has confirmed, comes on the heels of the publisher’s acquiring the once independent studio. These are especially exciting times for Insomniac Games for another reason, too. Marvel’s Spider-Man’s sales numbers received an update for the first time in several months. According to Sony, the Spidey adventure moved more than 13.2 million units worldwide as of July 31, 2019.

With the game’s first year anniversary mere weeks away, it’s possible a GOTY edition may be revealed around that time. If not, Insomniac may have some other goodies in store for fans. For example, God of War’s one year anniversary earlier this year came with the launch of new merchandise and a 40% discount.

[Source: Amazon via GameSpot]