Laced Records is Bringing Code: Veronica X and Resident Evil 0 Soundtracks to Vinyl

Laced Records is bringing two more Resident Evil soundtracks to vinyl, both of which are set to release in January 2020. One collection will see 46 tracks from 2001’s Resident Evil Code: Veronica X translated to vinyl. The second vinyl will consist of 70 tracks from 2002’s Resident Evil 0 launch. Each will release with a Limited Edition exclusive to Laced Records’ website; both versions for the two collections will cost $35.

The vinyl for the Code: Veronica X original soundtrack will feature remastered audio, while the packaging includes original art from Boris Moncel. As noted above, a total of 46 tracks will be included, pressed on two 180g heavyweight vinyl LPs. The key difference between the regular version and Limited Edition is the color of the LPs themselves. Code: Veronica X will be printed on black LPs for the standard release. Meanwhile, Limited Edition buyers will get to bring home LPs colored a dark green hue.

Laced Records’ Resident Evil 0 vinyl will have a similar release, with remastered audio an Moncel’s original artwork. Its 70 tracks will also be pressed on two 180g heavyweight vinyl LPs. The regular vinyls will come colored in black, while the Limited Edition gets bright yellow LPs. Suffice it to say, it’s a gorgeous packaging.

Take a look at all four collections in the following image gallery:

Preorders for the two new additions to Laced Records’ Resident Evil collection are already live on the company’s website. Interested fans may want to act fast, too. Laced Records products are known to sell fast, as was the case with the Bloodborne vinyl.

[Source via Laced Records on Twitter]