Resident Evil 2’s Sales Are Currently Outpacing Those of Resident Evil 7

At more than five million copies sold since its January 2019 release, Resident Evil 2‘s remake is outpacing sales of Resident Evil 7 in the same span of time. Resident Evil 7, which now closes in on seven million copies sold, did not reach the five million benchmark until March 2018, nearly 15 months after its January 2017 launch. Resident Evil 2 hit the same sales milestone in December 2019, not even a full year after landing on store shelves.

Niko Partners Senior Analyst Daniel Ahmad called attention to this in a recent Twitter post. Ahmad also noted that sales for the Resident Evil franchise as a whole have surpassed an incredibly impressive 95 million. The analyst’s post on the matter is linked below:

Resident Evil’s 95 million units sold is up from the October 2019-reported figure of 91 million sales across the entire series. With these numbers in mind, it’s easy to see how Resident Evil continues to dominate as Capcom’s top-selling property.

Another exponential spike in sales is bound to occur for the horror franchise once Resident Evil 3‘s remake drops in a few weeks. The title will come to the PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One platforms on April 3rd, packing in both an updated campaign experience and the multiplayer component known as Resident Evil Resistance.

While Resistance is not considered RE Universe canon, longtime fans still have plenty to get excited about. For example, Capcom just announced that iconic villains Ozwell Spencer and Alex Wesker will feature as “Masterminds” in Resistance. Two maps, Casino and Abandoned Park, were also recently unveiled.

[Source: Daniel Ahmad on Twitter]