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EA Plans to Announce an ‘EA HD Title’ in the Coming Months

In Electronic Arts’ latest financial earnings report, the publisher outlines its plans for the next year ahead. EA reiterated that a few known games are still on track to release throughout this calendar year. Those include the likes of Burnout Paradise Remastered for Nintendo Switch, Command & Conquer Remastered for PC, and the annual sports titles. However, EA is planning a few surprises, too. Among said surprises is something simply referred to in the earnings report as an “EA HD title.”

This vaguely referenced project will launch by March 31, 2021. On page six of the earnings report, “EA HD title” receives mention alongside an unannounced EA Sports game, four EA partners titles, and two soft-launches for mobile. (Might Skater 3 count among the latter?) The publisher also plans to roll out its Medal of Honor VR project, which is being produced in conjunction with Oculus.

The mysterious HD game raises myriad questions, of course. Interestingly, according to PCGamesN, CEO Andrew Wilson received questions during a conference call about HD remasters. Specifically, Wilson was asked if such projects would help fill out EA’s schedule, should coronavirus-related issues force the delay of bigger titles. PCGamesN notes the CEO merely remarked on EA’s unchanged release plans for annual sports entries and Apex Legends. He additionally spoke on the development of Dragon Age and Battlefield titles remaining on track. Wilson made no mention of HD remasters.

So what might “EA HD title” mean exactly? Unfortunately, the publisher itself has yet to make this abundantly clear. It could very well allude to remasters in the style of the aforementioned Burnout Paradise and Command & Conquer. Or it may refer to something abstract that only EA can explain. Apparently, we’ll know for certain soon enough. Perhaps even in the next few weeks.

On June 11th, the publisher will host a digital event in the form of EA Play Live. More details are sure to surface as that June draws near.

[Source: Electronic Arts via PCGamesN]