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Dragon’s Dogma Gameplay Lead Involved With New Square Enix Action Title

All remains quiet in terms of Dragon’s Dogma’s future, but there’s plenty to suggest one of its lead developers is hard at work on something else. Listings on a Square Enix recruitment page show the publisher is hiring for a new action game. Interestingly, Ryota Suzuki counts among its early recruits. A former Capcom developer, Suzuki served as Gameplay Player Lead on Dragon’s Dogma, as well as Game Design Lead on Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen.

According to Siliconera, the job listing features an interview segment with Suzuki, during which he divulged his move to Square Enix occurred last year. Suzuki’s new position sees him serving as “Battle Director” for an unannounced AAA game. Neither the interview nor other sections of the recruitment page offer any insight into what Square Enix may have up its sleeve. However, Suzuki noted the publisher keeps a close eye on current gameplay trends. For example, though historically known for turn-based battle mechanics, Square Enix has noticed that RPGs are starting to shift towards more action-centric elements.

Might this inform whatever project the company is currently looking to hire for? There seems to exist no clear right or wrong answer at present. Yet, Suzuki hinted that Square Enix’s track record in turn-based mechanics coupled with his expertise in action-RPGs could result in the creation of “high-quality RPGs with world-class action elements.”

As of now, details about this project are obviously scarce, though it appears to be the same next-gen action title teased in November 2019. That particular bit of information also surfaced courtesy of a listing on a Square Enix recruitment page.

[Source: Square Enix via Siliconera]