Outriders Server Issues

People Can Fly Promises Specific Details on Outriders’ Server Issues During Launch

Outriders has attracted thousands of players over its launch weekend. The problem is the game’s servers haven’t been able to cope with the demands of the cross-platform play, leading to players suffering constant disconnects. People Can Fly has now promised they will “share more specific details about whats going on and what we’ve been doing about it.

The issues have arisen from a problem discovered as People Can Fly were preparing the Day One builds. They found a desynchronization between the PC version and that for consoles. The resulting mismatch causes all players to be removed from a game that included players from both PC and console. This meant PlayStation and Xbox players could play together without an issue, as could Steam and Epic players. Unfortunately they couldn’t all play together. Automatic matchmaking has now been turned off between PC and console while the developer looks at patching the code so that they’re all synchronised.

There have also been multiple server outages affecting “core components” of the game with some players not even able to get past the Outriders’ loading screens. These were happening as late as 1am ET today, April 4, but seem to be resolved at the time of writing. People Can Fly are still trying to work through all the problems, but they’re planning to share more details of what went wrong with players in the near future:

While console figures are not available, the title attracted 111,953 simultaneous players on Steam over the weekend, becoming Square Enix’s biggest ever Steam launch by a wide margin. This isn’t too surprising bearing in kind the game’s demo was also extremely popular, downloaded by over two million players who clocked up more than 9.5 million hours of playtime between them. Once all of the game’s server issues are solved and the major bugs are fixed, the developer may even turn their attention to DLC for the game. While the title is complete at launch, People Can Fly would consider “significant expansions with self-contained stories” as long as players remain interested in the game.

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