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Resident Evil Village Director Says PS5 Tech ‘Contributes Hugely’ to Enhanced Immersion

Resident Evil Village director Morimasa Sato has said that the PlayStation 5’s technology makes room to create a greater sense of immersion, especially in horror games.

Speaking to the PlayStation Official Magazine (via Wccftech), Sato said that the PS5’s SSD will allow players to seamlessly navigate Resident Evil Village’s map, and the 3D audio tech will add another layer of immersion to the environment. Additionally, the DualSense‘s adaptive triggers will make combat more realistic.

I feel like the possibilities of what I can express in a game have been expanded. Immersion is the most important aspect of a horror game, and I think that the PS5’s technology contributes hugely to creating an improved sense of immersion. Using the fast-loading SSD, we’ve been able to let players explore the village environment seamlessly while experiencing 3D audio that gives a sense of a multilayered environment. During combat scenes, they’ll feel the responsiveness of their weapons through the adaptive triggers.

Sato added that the PS5 is “an amazing fit” for horror games because it’ll help instill fear.

I was 13 when I played the original Resident Evil, and it was so scary that not only did I have to stop playing, but I had to turn the box around so that I wouldn’t see the huge scary eyeball on the cover. I want today’s players to experience the fear I felt back then using all the advances in technology that have happened since the first game was released and having developed Resident Evil Village with that goal in mind, I can safely say that the PS5 hardware is an amazing fit for horror games.

Resident Evil Village will release on May 7th.

[Source: PlayStation Official Magazine via Wccftech]