Horizon Forbidden West Tilda

Horizon Forbidden West Introduces Curious New Character Voiced By Carrie-Ann Moss

The latest Horizon Forbidden West trailer has revealed characters both new and old who will be a part of Aloy’s journey to save her land from the onslaught of a red blight. One of those new characters is an enigmatic woman called Tilda who is voiced by Carrie-Ann Moss of The Matrix and Jessica Jones fame.

Who is Tilda?

The trailer gives the briefest of glimpses at Tilda, an enigmatic woman dressed in silver and black. The new character has “a special connection to the ancient past” and some believe her to be an Old One who somehow managed to survive the destruction of human civilisation centuries previously. If this theory is true, Sylens is sure to be extremely interested in her. Will the two clash or get along swimmingly?

Aloy will find herself up against plenty of resistance as she ventures into the Forbidden West. The trailer showed Regalla and her rebels causing plenty of destruction with their machines. Hekarro, the Chief of the Tenakth tribe located in the far west of the region, but his exact role remains to be seen.

Companions Varl and Erend return from Horizon Zero Dawn after they insist they won’t leave Aloy on her own as she battles Regalla. There are some new allies too. There’s a member of the Utaru tribe called Zo, a grave singer who comforts the dying as they pass on. Meanwhile, Tenakth tribe member Kotallo is part of the sky clan and controls the mountain regions. According to Eurogamer, his story is closely tied to that of Aloy and he looks set to feature prominently. Finally there is Alva, who is a member of the mysterious found at the very edge of the west who were mentioned in the Tribes trailer. She can interpret the ancient past, although it’s uncertain how this will help Aloy.

In other news, the Dying Light 2 trophy list has been revealed, although it doesn’t look like players will need to spend 500 hours unlocking everything. Elsewhere, Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales was one of 2021’s top ten best-selling games in the United States.