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Disney Plus Finally Getting Native PS5 App

A native Disney Plus PS5 app is on the horizon nearly two years after the console’s launch. Reddit user the_andshrew 2 spotted a PSN database entry for a beta version of the app, apparently code named “Vader.” It comes with the image above but no further information is available. That said, now that it’s appeared in the back end, it shouldn’t be long before PS5 users can ditch the PS4 app that they’ve been using via backwards compatibility, compromising streaming quality.

When to expect the native Disney Plus PS5 app

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As previously mentioned, PSN back end database entries don’t always reveal release dates, and it looks like the app version that the Redditor found was a beta version. This doesn’t necessarily mean that it’ll be a while before we get the native Disney Plus PS5 app, though. Our guess is that it’ll be out within the next week or two but we’ll update our readers when we hear something more official. For now, rest assured that you won’t be stuck watching your Disney shows without support for 4K playback, which is currently the case because PS5 users are stuck using the PS4 app via backwards compatibility.

Some users have pointed out that video playback quality isn’t the only thing that suffers when they watch Disney Plus on PS5 without a native app. Apparently, some of the newer shows on the service suffer from weird crackling sound, making them impossible to watch on the PS5.

It’s unclear why it took so long for Sony and Disney to roll out a native app, which is already available on Xbox Series X. Better late than never, I guess.

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