sony 500 million ps5 home console sales

Sony Is First Company to Sell 500 Million Home Consoles After PS5 Success

Sony has reached a milestone in the gaming industry, becoming the first company to reach 500 million home consoles sold. This news comes after the latest PS5 sales update, as the console surpassed PS4 sales on a time-aligned basis, broke a record previously held by the PSP, and saw its sales rise by 500% in Europe.

Nintendo still beats Sony in total console sales

This new stat makes Sony the frontrunner in home console sales, as the PS5 continues to go from strength to strength in 2023. However, as noted by GamesRadar, the stat doesn’t take into account sales of handheld consoles — if all console sales are totaled, Nintendo is still the frontrunner given the success of the Switch and its DS systems.

But given that Nintendo launched its first console over a decade before the original PlayStation, it’s still hugely impressive that Sony managed to reach this landmark achievement before the Mario makers.

Sony’s continued success in 2023 is in no small part due to the company finally putting an end to its PS5 stock shortages — something which has proven tough for scalpers. Now that more people can get their hands on the console, Sony is gearing up to break even more records in the future.