Kojima’s Glad He Announced Death Stranding Despite a “Tumultuous” Year

December 29, 2016Written by Zarmena Khan


There’s no doubt that the high profile fallout between Hideo Kojima and Konami must have been draining for the developer but this year came with its own set of challenges for him. Tweeting via his official account, Kojima revealed that he’s happy that he was able to announce Death Stranding despite a difficult year that included setting up his own studio, planning the game, finding an engine (Guerrilla Games’ Decima being the winner), and so on.

In Kojima’s own words:

The year of 2016 was such a tumultuous year. Establishing the studio, planning the new game, hiring crews, finding the new base & engine, casting, building the new spaceship Enterprise. Everything had to do at once but overall I’m glad that I could announce DEATH STRANDING.

Former Konami Europe President, Shinji Hirano, recently joined Kojima Productions. We also learned that Death Stranding is set to enter development in “full swing” next year.

[Source: Hideo Kojima (Twitter 1,2)]