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overwatch mercy

Overwatch’s Mercy and Junkrat Undergoing Nerfs in PTR

Mercy’s ult and Junkrat’s concussion mine, to be precise.

diablo 3 darkening of tristam

Diablo III: The Darkening of Tristram Event Returns Next Week

Runs throughout January.

Report: Is This Blizzard Job Listing for Overwatch 2?

The listing is lent credence by an analyst slip-up.

Blizzard Updating the Casual Hanzo Legendary Skin in Overwatch After Fan Disappointment

Some small changes that should make the fans happy.

Overwatch Competitive Play

Major Changes Coming to Overwatch Competitive Mode With Season 8

Blizzard aiming to increase match quality.

overwatch movie

Activision Blizzard Isn’t Opposed to the Idea of an Overwatch Movie

They would “very much” like to see it happen!

Overwatch free weekend

Blizzard Announces Another Free Weekend for Overwatch

All heroes and maps will be available.

overwatch cat hero

Check Out the Concept Art of Overwatch’s Scrapped Jetpack Cat Hero

Plus some other early hero concepts!

overwatch update 2.29 patch notes

Overwatch’s Upcoming Hero, Moira, Gets New Trailer Explaining Her Origin Story

Her reputation was damaged by a controversial paper.

overwatch blizzard skins

Blizzard Themed Skins Coming to Overwatch

These are very well done skins!

Read the Overwatch Update 2.28 Patch Notes

Latest Overwatch Update Will Make Changes to Ana and Mercy

How will these changes affect your game?

Diablo III Patch 2.6.1 Now Live in North America, Changes Up Skills

Skills are getting shaken up a bit.

blizzcon 2017 opening ceremony live stream

Overwatch Now Has Over 35 Million Players

35 million players and counting!

overwatch clone

Blizzard’s Taking Chinese Overwatch Clone to Court

Blizzard wants restitution and an apology.

overwatch patch

Latest Overwatch Patch Updates Mercy’s Resurrect

There are some audio fixes, too.

overwatch permabans

Blizzard Lists Changes for Next Overwatch Patch, Introducing Competitive Play Permabans Soon

Permabans kick in on September 27.

paladins player count

Paladins hits 15 million players as the Premier League Sets Up to Begin

That’s a lot of players.

Overwatch Junkertown Map

New Overwatch Comic Starring Roadhog and Junkrat is Out Today

More Junkrat and Roadhog hijinks!

Overwatch Update 2.22 Changes Mercy, LĂșcio & Zenyatta

Overwatch Updates Create Impossible to Unlock Trophies

Makes some other trophies very difficult to obtain.

Blizzard Explains Overwatch’s Vague Respawn Change in Latest Update

The update adjusted respawn timing.