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Overwatch Mei 555x328

Overwatch Winter Games Event Discovered by Data Miners, New “Arena” Hinted At

Wrap up warm!

Overwatch Lucio 555x328

Overwatch’s 1v1 Mode to Be Expanded, Blizzard Hoping to Reintroduce Support Heroes

And the beat goes on.


Overwatch: Blizzard Details Big Changes Coming to Symmetra

“When looking into changes for Symmetra, we wanted to address two main issues.”


Report Suggests Blizzard is Recruiting for New First-Person Game

Said project will “utilize a robust first-person engine.”

Overwatch First Strike

Overwatch PS4 Pro Patch Detailed, First Strike Novel Canned

UI changes unearth technical issue on PS4 Pro.

Order Will Be Restored

4 Ways Symmetra Could Kick More Ass in Overwatch

Order will be restored. Death is an illusion. Pass into the iris or…no, I messed that up.


Overwatch: Blizzard to Reveal LGBT Character “Soon”

Sombra goes live on the Public Test Realm.

Overwatch Competitive Play

Overwatch’s Play of the Game Feature Will Be Revamped, Says Blizzard

They call it Play of the Game 2.0.

diablo 3 console seasons

Diablo III Seasons Coming to Consoles Next Year

Console and PC Seasons will align in Season 10.


Blizzard Co-Founder Rejoins Company After 12 Years, Working on “Cool New Stuff”

Allen Adham co-founded Blizzard in 1991


More Sombra Gameplay Details – Cooldown Rates, Invisibility Specifics, Hack Interruptions, Bunch More Info on Overwatch’s New Hero

Overwatch videos and conversations at Blizzcon tell all about Sombra’s teleporter, invisibility, hacking, and more.


Overwatch: Sombra Origin Story Introduced in New Trailers, Arcade Mode Explained

Watch Sombra in action.

diablo 3 ps4 555x328

Upcoming Diablo III Patch Will Include Remake of Original Diablo, Necromancer Pack Announced

Check out a trailer for the Necromancer.


Overwatch is Fastest Activision Blizzard Title to Reach 20M Players, Black Ops III Still No. 1 This Gen

10 billion hours of playtime this quarter!

Overwatch minimap

Overwatch Update 1.11 Rolls Out, Fixes Bugs

Don’t expect anything big…


Report Points to Diablo 4 Unveiling at BlizzCon

Is it a red herring?

overwatch sombra

Report: Overwatch Hero Sombra Leaked Alongside Some Halloween Event Details

Apparently, a new game mode is coming.

Overwatch Competitive Play

Overwatch Team Working on New Heroes and Maps

One of the heroes is coming soon.


Overwatch is Twitch’s Most Watched New Release of 2016 as Site Breaks Viewership Record

No Man’s Sky and The Division appear in the top 10 as well. 555x328 Set for a Name Change, Blizzard Aiming to Avoid “Confusion and Inefficiencies”

Bye, bye,!