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overwatch skins leak

Skins From Upcoming Overwatch Event Seem to Have Leaked

Ain’t no Overwatch without a leak or two.


Overwatch Director Says a Campaign Would Be “Phenomenal” But a “Game Unto Itself”

It’d require a full development cycle.

Overwatch Competitive Play

Blizzard Teasing New Overwatch Reveal for April 11

Check out the teaser video.


Diablo III Update 2.5.0 Out on All Platforms, Blizzard Details Console Seasons

Find out how Seasons will work on consoles.

Overwatch Lucio 555x328

Blizzard Testing Some Big Changes for Overwatch’s Lucio, Addresses Draws in Competitive Play

Song’s area-of-effect radius decreased.

diablo 3 console seasons

PSA: Diablo III Seasons Will Go Live for Consoles Starting March 31, Patch 2.5.0 Previewed

They go live with Season 10 on PC.


Blizzard Teasing Something “Around the Corner” for Overwatch, Testing Hefty Ana Nerf

Orisa won’t be live until later this month.


Blizzard Explains Overwatch Hero Orisa’s Conception, Says It Wanted an “Alternative” to Reinhardt

See her through Efi’s eyes.

Overwatch Header 555x328

Blizzard Teases Upcoming Overwatch Character Again

Efi Oladele is up to something.

overwatch efi

Next Overwatch Character Teased, She’s Experienced in Robotics and AI

…and pretty young, too.

Overwatch 08 555x328

Overwatch Developer “Objects” to the Use of Mouse and Keyboard on Console Versions of the Game

Director Jeff Kaplan speaks out.


Roadhog Nerf Coming to Overwatch Soon

Sad news for Roadhog users.

diablo 3 ps4 555x328

Blizzard Celebrates Diablo’s 20th Anniversary With In-Game Goodies and More

It all started on December 31, 1996!

Overwatch Competitive Play

Overwatch Rewards Players With Free Loot Boxes to Celebrate a Successful Year

Five of them!


3 Thoughts on Tracer and Her Lady Lover

Cheers, Love, the Cavalry’s Queer.


Festive-Themed Overwatch Comic Introduces Tracer’s Girlfriend

Reflections follows our heroes through the most hectic season of all.

Overwatch Mei 555x328

Overwatch Winter Games Event Discovered by Data Miners, New “Arena” Hinted At

Wrap up warm!

Overwatch Lucio 555x328

Overwatch’s 1v1 Mode to Be Expanded, Blizzard Hoping to Reintroduce Support Heroes

And the beat goes on.


Overwatch: Blizzard Details Big Changes Coming to Symmetra

“When looking into changes for Symmetra, we wanted to address two main issues.”


Report Suggests Blizzard is Recruiting for New First-Person Game

Said project will “utilize a robust first-person engine.”