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Kingdom Come Deliverance Will Have “Better Graphics” on PS4 Pro, No PSVR Content Planned

Extent of Pro enhancements not decided yet.


Utawarerumono: Mask of Truth for PS4 & PS Vita Comes West on September 5

Pre-order for a double-sided pillowcase.


Latest DiRT 4 Trailer Features Rally Pros

Be fearless!

Agents of Mayhem 08

Saints Row Studio’s Agents of Mayhem Gets New Trailer Introducing Its Characters

Meet Hollywood, Hardtack and Fortune.


Dead Island 2 Is Still in Development, Deep Silver Is “Excited by the Progress”

Sumo Digital is still working on it.

Dreamfall Chapters Review – Three-Peat (PS4)

Once more into Dreamtime we go…


DiRT 4 Gameplay Trailer Rushes Out, Licensed Soundtrack Details Revealed



Micro Machines World Series Launches on June 23, First Gameplay Trailer Released

Video shows off the new Battle Modes and more.


Dreamfall Chapters Two Worlds Trailer Released

The longest journey begins soon.


Agents of Mayhem Interview – Building a Franchise & Not Being a Saint

This agent knows mayhem!


APB Reloaded Dev Comments on PS4 Frame-Rate & Crashing Issues

Fixes are on the way!


Agents of Mayhem Launches on August 15 for PS4, Xbox One & PC

Pre-order to get the Legal Action Pending DLC.


Valkyria Revolution Launches on June 27 for PS4, PS Vita & Xbox One

Pre-order bonus revealed.

persona 5 screen

Atlus “Surprised” to Hear That Persona 5 Special Edition Orders Were Cancelled by Amazon

Nothing’s “defective,” they say.


Persona 5 Standard Edition Controller Skin Revealed, Amazon Reportedly Cancelling Special Edition Orders

Looks like Amazon’s shipment of Take Your Heart and SteelBook editions was defective.


King of Fighters XIV Adds Ryuji Yamazaki as Second DLC Character

Kinda fishy!

persona 5

Watch Persona 5’s Ann Takamaki Voice Actress Play the Game

And you can get a free theme as well!


Whip Comes to The King of Fighters XIV Next Month for $5

Watch Whip’s debut trailer.

persona 5 screen

Persona 5 Gets Sizzle Trailer Ahead of Release, Goes Over Important Characters and More

Just a month to go!