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Kingdom Come Deliverance Platinum

Kingdom Come: Deliverance Platinum Certification Achieved

Maybe we can craft some better armor with that platinum.

Dead Island 2

Dead Island 2 Confirmed as Still in Development

News will come “at a later stage.”

new onrush patch

New Onrush Patch 2.0 Out Now for PS4, Includes Character Outfits

It addresses various game bugs, stabilizes and improves performance, and more.

kingdom come deliverance update

Kingdom Come: Deliverance Update 1.6 Out Now, Introduces New Mode

Because the game wasn’t hard enough, here’s Warhorse Studios with a hardcore mode for Kingdom Come: Deliverance.

free Killing Floor 2

PSA: Killing Floor 2 Free Weekend Starts TODAY

The best floors are free.

metro exodus gameplay trailer E3 2018

E3 2018: Metro Exodus Gameplay Trailer

All aboard! Woo wooooo!

onrush trailer

Arcade Racer Onrush Available Now, Check Out Trailer

Game available now.

kingdom come deliverance update

Latest Kingdom Come: Deliverance Patch Fixes Over 200 Bugs

New lore books added as well.

illusion a tale of the mind trailer

Puzzle Exploration Game Illusion: A Tale of the Mind Available Now

Adventure through the mind of a madman.

Onrush game modes

New Trailer Shows Off the Various Game Modes of Onrush

Perhaps these game modes will give you a rush?

f1 2018 gameplay

Check Out the First Look at F1 2018 Gameplay

Upgraded visuals and newly included physics system.

shenmue 3 delayed

Shenmue III Has Been Delayed Until 2019

Extra time will be used to polish game.

Metro exodus delayed

Metro: Exodus Gets Delayed into 2019, According to THQ Nordic Earnings Report

No reason given for the delay.

f1 2018 game release date

F1 2018 Launches Later This Year, Features Expanded Career Mode and More

More information likely coming soon!

onrush open beta

ONRUSH Open Beta Beginning Next Week

Codemasters and Deep Silver have confirmed today that the ONRUSH open betaRead the full article…

onrush class trailer

New Onrush Trailer Details All Eight Classes In-game

Hope it lives up to fulfil the rush we need.

kingdom come deliverance history

Czech University to Use Kingdom Come: Deliverance in Medieval History Course

Daniel Vavra fired some shots at his critics.

Kingdom Come Deliverance Update 1.4

Kingdom Come: Deliverance Update 1.05 Out Now, Read the Patch Notes

Another 15GB to download.

Kingdom Come Deliverance update 1.3 patch notes

Kingdom Come: Deliverance Update 1.3 Has More Than 300 Fixes, Read the Patch Notes

Save and Exit, performance improvements, and quality of life fixes.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance Giveaway – Enter For a Chance to Win One of Five Codes

Kingdom Come to some of you!