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Elite: Dangerous Update 1.04 Is Live on PSN

Fixes some crashes.

Elite Dangerous Review – Galactic Conquest (PS4)

The Milky Way Galaxy is a beautiful, deadly place.


Elite Dangerous Devs Do an AMA, Launch Trailer Flies Out

PSVR support was asked if it’ll happen or not.


Elite: Dangerous Coming to PS4 on June 27

Digital and boxed versions, both.


Elite: Dangerous Legendary Edition Gets a Retail Release Later This Year

For the PS4 and Xbox One.


Elite Dangerous Comes to PS4 in Q2 2017 With Every Expansion to Date

The massively multiplayer space epic will also include PS4 Pro support.


Elite: Dangerous Developer “Would be Stupid NOT to Support Other Platforms, Including Console”

Currently, this is a PC/Mac title only.