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The King Is a New Live-Action PlayStation Trailer Featuring God of War, Spider-Man PS4

God of War and Spider-Man are coming out “in the near future.”


New Video Explains How Guerrilla Games Created the Vast Open World of Horizon Zero Dawn

Variety of environments with day and night cycles.


Horizon Zero Dawn PS4 Pro Enhancements on 1080p & 4K TVs Detailed

They can do some exciting things for Horizon Zero Dawn’s art style.

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New Horizon Zero Dawn Video Explores the Evolution of Machines, Offers First Look at “Snapmaw”

Footage captured from PS4 Pro.

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Guerrilla Details the Side Quests and Activities Populating the World of Horizon Zero Dawn

Be wary of the Corruption Zones.

Horizon Zero Dawn

Killzone Dev Scrapped Other PS4 Idea in Favor of Horizon: Zero Dawn (Update)

Was it a Killzone game?

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Guerrilla Games: Resolution Is Really the Only Difference Between HDR on PS4 Pro & PS4

Managing Director talks PS4 Pro and Horizon Zero Dawn.


Sony Releases New PS4 Slim Trailer, Calls PS4 the “World’s Best-Selling Console”

Fall Best Place to Play trailer highlights some upcoming PS4 games.

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Horizon Zero Dawn, The Last Guardian Among Winners of Japan Game Awards 2016

Splatoon took GOTY.


Here Are All the PS4 Pro 4K Game Trailers With Dev Interviews From This Week’s Event

For Honor, Watch Dogs 2, Days Gone and more!

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Guerrilla Says Sony Will Further Detail PS4 Pro Specs in Near Future, Talks Horizon: Zero Dawn

Mark Cerny isn’t done talking about them yet.


“Virtually All” Upcoming PS4 Games Will Be Able to Take Advantage of the PS4 Pro on Day 1

Enhanced games will include a special icon on the retail box.

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Horizon Zero Dawn Gameplay Video Shows off the Power of the PS4 Pro

Looking good!

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New Horizon Zero Dawn Gameplay and Details Revealed By Game Informer

Coverage trailer also offers up a look behind the scenes.

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Horizon Zero Dawn Comes With Various Systems to Improve Aloy’s Character Stats

Includes weapon and outfit modifications.

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Game Critics Awards Best of E3 2016 Winners Include Zelda, Horizon, PlayStation VR

God of War received a special commendation for graphics.

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Game Critics Awards Best of E3 2016 Nominations Led by Battlefield 1, Horizon Zero Dawn

God of War and Death Stranding are ineligible.

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Horizon Zero Dawn Delay Was “Mainly Because It’s Such a Big Game,” Extra Time Is All About Polish

Aloy can swim, but the water might not be safe.

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New Greatness Awaits PS4 Game Trailer Includes Horizon Zero Dawn, No Man’s Sky

Less than two months until No Man’s Sky!

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Horizon Zero Dawn Quests Details: Create Your Own Quests and Go “Anywhere You Want”

Earn the loot you actually need!