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monster hunter movie

Monster Hunter Movie Will Star Resident Evil Actress Milla Jovovich, $60 Million Budget Set

Enters production this September.

Monster hunter world devil may cry dante

Get Devil May Cry’s Dante Armor and Weapon in Monster Hunter: World Now

It’s going to be a tough fight!

Top 5 Tastiest Monster Hunter World Monsters

Feeling hungry? Get your mouth watering over these incredible Monster Hunter World dishes!

Monster hunter world update 3.0 patch notes

Monster Hunter: World Update 3.0 Adds 16-Player Hunting Sieges and a New Location, Read the Patch Notes

Kulve Taroth can be fought by up to 16 players working together.

Monster hunter world mega man

Monster Hunter: World Mega Man Gear Now Available, Devil May Cry’s Dante Coming Later This Month

The crazy crossovers continue!

Monster Hunter World Ultimate?! Details Talked About by the Game’s Director

G-rank won’t be here soon. So stop sharpening those greatswords too much guys.

Monster Hunter World Chun Li Handler costume DLC

New Monster Hunter: World DLC Will Include Chun-Li Costume for the Handler and More

More in the trailer.

monster hunter world update

Monster Hunter: World Update 2.01 Coming Next Week, Fixes Bow Issues and Several Bugs

Item pouch is being tweaked.

Monster Hunter World Deviljho

Monster Hunter: World Deviljho Trailer Shows Off Dangerous New Monster

A new boss to take down.

Monster Hunter World character edit Voucher

PSA: Free Monster Hunter: World Character Edit Voucher Is Available Now

You can change your gender and character features.

Want To Wear Cool Sunglasses in Monster Hunter: World? This Week’s Event is For You

Hunt monsters and look cool doing it.

How to Get Free Monster Hunter: World Commemorative Item Pack Celebrating 7.5 Million Sales

Includes some rare and valuable items.

Monster Hunter World live stream 2018 Spring

Get Ready For a New Monster Hunter: World Live Stream in Spring 2018

Likely will have info on the Deviljho update patch.

PSA: Don’t Forget To Do Monster Hunter: World’s Aloy Event and Wiggler Head Event Before They’re Gone

Don’t miss out on your chance at custom armor!

monster hunter world sales

Monster Hunter: World Sales Top 7.5 Million, Becomes Capcom’s Best Selling Game

A record for the company.

How to Get Monster Hunter: World’s Wiggler Helmet, the Weirdest Event Armor

Wear a sock puppet on your head.

Monster Hunter: World Official Guidebook is a Staggering 1008 Pages Long

That’s the length of the original editions of all three Lord of the Rings books together.

The Argument Against Health Bars: Why It Makes You A Better Monster Hunter

It’s an opportunity to think more strategically, not just about the numbers.

Monster Hunter: World Could Take Over 1000 Hours to Platinum If You Don’t Pay Attention to Limited Time Events

Events provide increased chances of getting gold crowns.

Monster Hunter World Radial Menu

Learn How to Use the Monster Hunter: World Radial Menu

It’s an important aspect.