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Watch 25 Mins of Monster Hunter World Gameplay

Coming early 2018.


E3 2017 – Monster Hunter: World Preview – Back Home (PS4)

Monster Hunter is finally back on consoles!


New Monster Hunter World Gameplay & Details Revealed

It’s targeting 30fps on all platforms, and you can play offline.


E3 2017 – Monster Hunter World Will Feature Cross-Region Multiplayer, Up to Four-Player Drop-In Co-Op

Get ready to hunt with friends!


E3 2017 – Sony Has Announced Monster Hunter World. Coming in Early 2018 to the PS4.

Was that a gatling gun?


Creative Team Behind Resident Evil Targeting Monster Hunter Movie Universe

“For every Monster, there is a Hero.”

Resident Evil Monster Hunter Movie 555x328

Resident Evil Animated Film & Monster Hunter Movie in Production, Capcom Reveals

Two big reveals!


10 PlayStation Games Like Monster Hunter

Knockoffs can be fun too!

monster hunter gold

Monster Hunter Gold Statues Up for Sale to Mark 10th Anniversary

24 karat gold.


Capcom: “We’ve Got no Plans for a PS Vita Monster Hunter at the Moment”

“We aren’t prepared to talk about what’s next for RE at this time.”


Daily Reaction: Capcom Lost and Found – Publisher Loses Money and Gets Westernitus

Umbrella ella ella Corporation.


Monster Hunter Portable 3rd Screens Display a Remarkable Conversion to Console

Monster Hunter Portable 3rd has shown its face for the first timeRead the full article…


Sony Stalls Monster Hunter Portable 3rd HD Localization for Europe and North America

The Monster Hunter series has been one of the biggest things missingRead the full article…

No Trophies For PSP Remaster Series Games

Monster Hunter Portable fans everywhere were most likely elated to hear toRead the full article…


PSP Titles to be Remastered on the PS3

Fans of Monster Hunter Portable may want to grab a hold ofRead the full article…

Interactive Strategy Guides Arrive on PSN

When Sony announced their PlayView technology – which is able to quickly scale an image with more than 1 billion pixels with absolutely no delay – the industry understood the implications. What wasn’t clear was how Sony planned to leverage this technology for the benefit of the gaming populous. Those questions were answered with the release of something completely new coming to the PSN in Japan.

Square Enix + Monster Hunter = Lord of Arcana

What happens when a genre in gets incredibly popular? Every developer tries to get their own corner on the market. What started with Capcom’s Monster Hunter has spawned into Namco Bandai’s God Eater, Tecmo Koei’s Dynasty Warriors: Strike, and even Square Enix with their just announced game: Lord of Arcana.

Monster Hunter DLC Invades US & EU Release of Lost Planet 2

PlayStation LifeStyle reported a few weeks back that the Japanese version of Capcom’s Lost Planet 2 would be receiving a DLC skin of the ever popularly Monster Hunter series in Japan. The ‘Rathalos’ armor was yet another skin revealed by Capcom to be featured in the game along with Albert Wesker from the Resident Evil series and Frank West from Dead Rising. The worst part was that at the time, the Monster Hunter skin was a japan-only exclusive. Not anymore! The DLC will hit soon and the best part for sure is the price.

Peace Walker: Naked Snake Shows Off Dragon Slaying Skills

Today practically confirms that Naked Snake, from the famous Metal Gear SolidRead the full article…

Zombie and Monster Hunters Crossover into Lost Planet 2

All the rage currently in Japan has to do with crossovers– don’t believe me? We reported early last week that Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker will feature a ‘Monster Hunter’ mode where Snake will enter the world of MH to hunt monsters, Metal Gear Style. Considering how popular Monster Hunter is in Japan, this is likely going to help sell hundreds of thousands of extra copies than it was originally going to. Capcom themselves is ready to cash-in on this idea as a few major Capcom identities will be entering the world of Lost Planet 2.