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playstation gear website

The PlayStation Gear Brand is Doing ‘Something Awesome’

Is the website making a big comeback?

playstation brand

PlayStation is (almost) the King of Brands in the UK

PlayStation is sitting pretty.

playstation pax west 82818

Here’s What PlayStation Has Planned for PAX West

Media Molecule is gonna have a great time at PAX West this year.

unofficial playstation theme

Unofficial PlayStation Theme From Truant Pixel Celebrates 500 Million Milestone

That boot sound, though.

new ps4 model

Sony Unveils New PS4 Model with Possible Minor Internal Tweaks

Nothing’s changed. It’s the same PS4 you know and love.

Monster Hunter World PS4 Bundle

Capcom Announces New Monster Hunter: World PS4 Bundle for Japan

Why does Japan always have to get everything?

playstation 3 price

PlayStation 3 Price Reveal was a ‘Horrifying Moment,’ Says SIE President

$600 is definitely a horrifying price.

sony mid-year sale

PlayStation’s Mid-Year Sale Has Started with Some Incredible Discounts

Go ahead and grow your backlog. We’re doing it, too.

playstation ego

SIE President Shawn Layden Pumps Playstation’s Ego Up

Sony’s ego right now is literally too big to contain.

ps4 games lineup

PS4 Games Lineup Is the Best and the Broadest, Says Michael Denny

The proof is in the pudding, as they say.

The Last of Us Sales

The Last of Us Has Sold Over 17 Million Copies Across PS3 & PS4

Naughty Dog celebrates the milestone on TLoU’s fifth anniversary.

playstation e3 2018

Sony’s E3 Conference a Response to “Shallow” Conferences of the Past

From the start of the PlayStation E3 2018 briefing, it was clearRead the full article…

gold dualshock 4 sale

Gold DualShock 4 Controller Currently on Sale Now

Grab it now!

Concrete Genie landscape and creature painting

New Gameplay Footage Highlights Concrete Genie’s Beautiful World

The world is your canvas.

Detroit: Become Human to Reverse Poignant Endgame Moment

Does this undercut Detroit’s thought-provoking themes?

Next-Gen PlayStation

Report: PS5, Sony’s Next-Gen PlayStation, Will Supposedly Launch in 2020

Reports seem to suggest that Sony’s next-gen PlayStation is on the horizon.

the last of us 2 gameplay

E3 2018: The Last of Us Part II Gets New, Ruthless Gameplay Footage

A much more ruthless Ellie.

Sony playstation e3 2018 press conference

Watch the Sony PlayStation E3 2018 Press Conference Live Right Here

It’s the one we’ve all been waiting for.

playstation e3 2018

Sony Teases New Game Announcements Leading up to E3 Showcase

New game almost every day.

PlayStation E3 2018 Theater

PlayStation E3 Experience 2018 Theater Tickets Available Next Week

Seats will fill up fast.