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Mark Bowles Takes Over as PlayStation UK Marketing Director

Bowles has experience with the PlayStation world.


PlayStation Plus Reaches 31.5 Million Subscribers, Company Continues to Profit

More money, less problems

new ps4 controllers

Two New DualShock 4 Controller Colors Announced

Both available for preorder now.

nike playstation shoes

Thunder’s Paul George Unveils Light-Up Shoes in Collaboration With PlayStation and Nike

Check out a trailer!

playstation totaku

Collection of ‘Totaku’ Figures Based on PlayStation Franchises Unveiled

GameStop-exclusive in the US.

Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition

Here Are the Top Ten Most Watched PS4 Trailers

Some games already out made the list!

playstation black friday 2017

Sony VP Says PlayStation Had Its Biggest Black Friday Sale Ever

Biggest Black Friday ever.

playstation ips

Sony Will “Always Back” Creating New IPs and Genres, Says Senior VP of SIE Worldwide Studios

It’s what fans want, says Michael Denny.

playstation black friday 2017

Check Out Newegg’s Black Friday 2017 Deals

4K TV on offer as well.

playstation black friday 2017

Sony US Reveals Its Week-Long PlayStation Black Friday Deals

All DualShock 4s discounted.

PS4 system update 5.50 beta

Sony: Console Cycle Has Changed Due to In-Game Sales

Who knows when we’ll see a next generation.

PS4 system update 5.50 beta

PS4 Sales Up in Q2, Over 67 Million Shipped Worldwide

It’s a good time to be a Sony stockholder.

A Look Back at the Best PS1 Commercials (Part Two)

Some epic old commercials

A Look Back at the Best PS1 Commercials (Part One)

It’s a trip through memory lane!

Platinum Trophy Rewards

Sony is Giving Out Actual Platinum Trophy Rewards

Will you be one?

PS4 Update 5.0

Sony Releases System Update to 5.0 Beta After Issues From 4.74 Update

Fixes major issues

PlayStation TGS Conference 2017 Preview

PlayStation TGS Conference 2017 Preview – What to Expect, Live Stream Details

It all goes down soon!

2K PlayStation Humble Bundle

PSA: The 2K PlayStation Humble Bundle Has Two Days Left

Time is running out.

2K PlayStation Humble Bundle

2K PlayStation Humble Bundle Lets You Get PS4, PS3 & PS Vita Games for as Little as $1

But the code only works in North/Latin America.

PlayStation’s YouTube Channel Apparently Uploaded the Anthem Gameplay Trailer With Photoshopped L1/R1 (Update)

Trailer is identical to the Xbox One X one.