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David Cage

David Cage: Quantic Dream’s Games “Cannot be Collaborative Works”

Cage happy to take charge; “you need the captain to chart the direction.”

Beyond Two Souls

David Cage – Play Beyond: Two Souls “Once And Then Don’t Replay it”

Quantic Dream founder implementing same approach seen in Heavy Rain.


Cage: If Beyond: Two Souls Finds Success, it Will Prove to Hollywood that Games are a “Respectable Medium”

Revolutionizing the industry one game at a time.


See Seven Minutes of Beyond: Two Souls Footage From gamescom

Don’t mess with Jodie Holmes.


David Cage Looking To Create “An Emotional Journey” With Beyond: Two Souls

Cage speaks about offering players meaning in Beyond’s gameplay experience and more.


Beyond: Two Souls: 160 Actors, Ellen Page in a Submarine, and More

The more cinematic games become, the more like movies they become inRead the full article…


Heavy Rain: Director’s Cut Arrives Next Week

Did you miss the fantastic choice-based Heavy Rain last year? If so,Read the full article…


Second Hand Gaming Stole Heavy Rain’s Thunder

The war between developers and the pre-owned market has been a fierceRead the full article…


Is Quantic Dream Due for an Acquisition from Sony?

French game developing company Quantic Dream has built a short but powerfulRead the full article…


Quantic Dream Sitting Down to Talk E3 Reveal with Sony

Quantic Dream CEO David Cage has said that his company and Sony are in talks about revealing their upcoming game at this years E3 which will happen in June.

David Cage Wants to Show L.A. Noire Who’s Boss

Using some impressive new motion capturing technology in L.A. Noire, Team BondiRead the full article…


Quantic Dreams Pouring Out Love for Sony

David Cage has decided to give Sony a late valentines gift, pouring on love for the publisher that paved the way for Heavy Rain to be made possible


David Cage Working on Two Projects, Wants to Create “Emotional War Game”

Heavy Rain pushed the envelope of emotional gaming and the medium asRead the full article…


Heavy Rain Paved the Way to Mature Gaming

David Cage thinks his successful game, Heavy Rain, has opened the path ways for more of its kind to have a place in the industry.

David Cage Says Next Game Won’t be Titled “Horizon”

After Quantic Dream finished the award winning Heavy Rain, people have been desperate for any news on David Cage’s next game. With rumors that “Horizon” was in development at Quantic Dream, it seemed that was what the French studio was developing, however, Cage has now spoken up about the title.

PS3 Was Proper Forecast for Heavy Rain

David Cage, famed founder of Quantic Dream, believes that choosing the PS3Read the full article…

Heavy Rain Move Edition Includes Extra Content

In a bid to promote their newfangled Move controller, Sony are re-releasingRead the full article…

Heavy Rain Ships 1.5 Million Copies

David Cage, CEO of Quantic Dream, a few months ago had statedRead the full article…

Quantic Dream Seemingly Working on Two New Projects

After the huge and somewhat surprising success of Quantic Dream’s PlayStation 3Read the full article…