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Quantic Dream Registers ‘Singularity PS4′ Website, Start Speculating

I’m already dreaming.


David Cage Discusses the Absurdity in Using New Engine for Beyond: Two Souls, “We’re Just Crazy People”

It’s not about money, but the love of the craft.

David Cage

David Cage: Quantic Dream’s Games “Cannot be Collaborative Works”

Cage happy to take charge; “you need the captain to chart the direction.”

Beyond Two Souls

David Cage – Play Beyond: Two Souls “Once And Then Don’t Replay it”

Quantic Dream founder implementing same approach seen in Heavy Rain.


Cage: If Beyond: Two Souls Finds Success, it Will Prove to Hollywood that Games are a “Respectable Medium”

Revolutionizing the industry one game at a time.


See Seven Minutes of Beyond: Two Souls Footage From gamescom

Don’t mess with Jodie Holmes.


David Cage Looking To Create “An Emotional Journey” With Beyond: Two Souls

Cage speaks about offering players meaning in Beyond’s gameplay experience and more.


Beyond: Two Souls: 160 Actors, Ellen Page in a Submarine, and More

The more cinematic games become, the more like movies they become inRead the full article…


Heavy Rain: Director’s Cut Arrives Next Week

Did you miss the fantastic choice-based Heavy Rain last year? If so,Read the full article…


Second Hand Gaming Stole Heavy Rain’s Thunder

The war between developers and the pre-owned market has been a fierceRead the full article…


Is Quantic Dream Due for an Acquisition from Sony?

French game developing company Quantic Dream has built a short but powerfulRead the full article…