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Report: Beyond: Two Souls Director’s Cut for PS4 Spotted in Retailer Listings

Go Beyond again…this time on the PS4?!?


Beyond: Two Souls Sold Through Over 1 Million Copies in 2013

Press X to clap.


Beyond: Two Souls Review (PS3)

Storytelling at its best.


Quantic Dream’s PS4 Game is Different From Beyond & Heavy Rain, “Expect to be Surprised Again”

The Dark Sorcerer used Beyond: Two Souls tech ported to PS4.


Beyond: Two Souls (PS3) – E3 Preview

Go beyond this preview.


Insomniac and Volition Each Reportedly Working on an “Unannounced Next-Gen Title,” Quantic Dream Hiring for a Lead Online Programmer

Quantic Dream’s next game to go beyond single player?


David Cage Says PS4 Project Will Amaze You

PS4 project is “another world”.


Beyond: Two Souls Gets Willem Dafoe, New Trailer and a Release Date

There was a FIREFIGHT!!


Various PlayStation 4 Developers Talk About the System and Its Potential

He better be looking at Psychonauts 2!


Quantic Dream Registers ‘Singularity PS4’ Website, Start Speculating

I’m already dreaming.


David Cage Discusses the Absurdity in Using New Engine for Beyond: Two Souls, “We’re Just Crazy People”

It’s not about money, but the love of the craft.

David Cage

David Cage: Quantic Dream’s Games “Cannot be Collaborative Works”

Cage happy to take charge; “you need the captain to chart the direction.”

Beyond Two Souls

David Cage – Play Beyond: Two Souls “Once And Then Don’t Replay it”

Quantic Dream founder implementing same approach seen in Heavy Rain.


Cage: If Beyond: Two Souls Finds Success, it Will Prove to Hollywood that Games are a “Respectable Medium”

Revolutionizing the industry one game at a time.


See Seven Minutes of Beyond: Two Souls Footage From gamescom

Don’t mess with Jodie Holmes.