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Rocksteady Currently Has No Plans for Batman: Arkham Knight PS4 Pro Patch

Rocksteady “hard at work” on next game.

Batman: Return to Arkham Review – A Little Batty (PS4)

Our caped crusader deserves better!

Batman Arkham VR Trophies

Batman Arkham VR Review – Very Limited Edition (PSVR)

“I am Batman.”

Batman: Arkham VR Includes About 2.5 Hours of Content, Rocksteady Reveals

The core story is about one hour long.

Rocksteady Doesn’t Know What Their Next Game Is, But They Have “Time and Space to Decide”

“We can sit back and think what our dream game would be.”

Batman: Arkham VR Trailer Offers a Quick Look at Some Gameplay

$20 price tag confirmed.

Report – Batman: Return to Arkham Scheduled for November 2016 Release at the Earliest

But could be pushed to early 2017.

Report: Batman: Arkham VR Listed at $20

Remember, this isn’t a VR remake of a past Arkham game, just a VR experience in the world of Arkham.

E3 2016 – Batman: Arkham VR Announced, Out Later This Year

Prepare to be the Dark Knight!

Batman: Arkham Knight Game of the Year Edition Listed for PS4, Xbox One

Includes all of the DLC.

Learn More About Batman: Arkham Knight’s Season of Infamy DLC in the Latest Episode of Arkham Insider

It’s the final episode of Arkham Insider for 2015.

Upcoming Batman: Arkham Knight Update Will Address Newton’s Cradle Leaderboard Issue

Changes to “blue walls” explained.

Batman: Arkham Insider Video Shows Off Upcoming Arkham Knight Skins

1989 skins!

Batman: Arkham Knight Date-Related Halloween Event Discovered (Spoilers)

Don’t read this if you don’t like spoilers!

Bad Gamers: Ep. 129 – DC vs. Marvel Comic Book Games and the Future of Rocksteady

Sadly, no bebop.

Report: Batman: Arkham Knight Future DLC Details Revealed Through Game’s Source Code

A few Reddit users have been digging through Batman: Arkham Knight‘s sourceRead the full article…

Now Loading…What Do You Make of That Batman: Arkham Knight Ending?

What really happened?

Top 5 Batman Arkham Trilogy Best Moments

Spoilers within, Bat fans!

Sony Releases Free Batman: Arkham Knight PS4 Theme for EU PS+ Members

Sorry, only for EU for now.

Everything Wrong With Batman: Arkham Knight

Don’t you just hate those Riddler challenges?