Agent 47 Pledges to Finish What He Started in Hitman 2’s Gameplay Launch Trailer

After a comical live action launch trailer featuring Sean Bean, IO Interactive has unleashed another Hitman 2 launch trailer. This time, it’s consists entirely of gameplay.

Check out the Hitman 2 gameplay launch trailer in the video below:

A few of the new features and gameplay modes receive attention throughout the trailer. For instance, the glorious return of 47’s briefcase is visible in several instances. Ghost Mode and Sniper Assassin also get a bit of love. Still, most of the focus remains on Hitman 2’s standard missions.

Recent iterations in the Hitman series have buckled down on allowing players to navigate missions in any manner they please. Having Agent 47 approach a situation guns blazing is rarely a suitable option, but it can work. In this trailer, he’s seen mixing it up between employing stealth and chasing after more explosive results. Ultimately, players are able to determine which approach feels the most advantageous.

Also of note is the Explosive Pen. IO Interactive recently asked fans to vote on the unique object that will be featured in Hitman 2’s first Elusive Target mission with Sean Bean. Out of the Flash Grenade Robot, Earphones Garotte, and Explosive Pen, the pen won. The aptly titled “Explosive Penmanship” challenge, which players will complete upon finishing the Elusive Target contract, rewards players with the Explosive Pen. (Players can also unlock it for use during the mission.)

Hitman 2 will arrive on November 13, 2018.