Days Gone Cover Art Revealed on Amazon, Shows a Surprisingly Relaxed Deacon

PlayStation exclusive Days Gone may keep getting delayed—currently not slated to release until April 2019—despite originally being propped up as one of Sony’s 2018 releases, but the Amazon page is still up for preorders of the game. That Amazon page recently got an update revealing what appears to be the official cover art for Days Gone.

In the image, protagonist Deacon St. John leans casually against his motorcycle, sitting next to a tree. Gun in hand, he’s looking like he’s ready for a fight, even if he is a bit relaxed in the face of the hundreds of freakers closing in behind him. Many fans speculated that this portrait might be used as the cover art when Sony and Bend Studio released the image as key art in September, us included. Now that the Days Gone box art has been updated on Amazon, it’s pretty likely that this is the final image Sony intends to go with for the April release. Of course, six months is a long time, and the studio could easily change its mind before launch.

Days gone cover art

Aside from delays, Days Gone has been something of a polarizing title. Some players say it seems overly generic and similar to other zombie games, where our own gameplay preview of it turned out a game that was a lot more than just another zombie shooter. With story being a heavy focus, and the stunning dynamic open world, there are some unique nuances to the game that might not be apparent at first glance. Bend Studio claims that the game is nothing like The Last of Us, and they think they’ve got some pretty creative ways to rope in gamers suffering from zombie fatigue.

What do you think of the Days Gone cover art? Is it a refreshingly different take on the traditional video game box art, or is it too similar to other “badass protagonist with a gun” covers? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Days Gone will release April 26, 2019. You can preorder from Amazon now.