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Warcraft Director Says Cory Barlog’s Next Project Is His True Magnum Opus

Duncan Jones, director of Moon and Warcraft, recently met with God of War’s Creative Director, Cory Barlog. Apparently, Jones wanted Barlog’s opinion on a script. During their meeting, it seems Barlog shared a few ideas about his next project, too. According to Jones, that next project just may become the God of War director’s real magnum opus.

The teasing from Jones initially began when he posted a photo of himself and Barlog on Twitter. In a subsequent tweet, Jones praised whatever it is he knows about Barlog’s next venture.

See Jones’ tweet below: wrote an article about Jones’ praise, which Barlog tweeted. His only response to the story, so far, is a surprised emoji with red cheeks. It’s bound to leave fans wondering what this could all mean. Does Barlog have something unrelated to God of War in the works? Or is Kratos’ next adventure so fantastic that it may surpass its predecessor’s incredibly high acclaim? We’re unlikely to know for certain for quite a while.

Despite the absence of concrete details, God of War’s inevitable sequel has already been teased. However, based on God of War’s true ending, the follow-up’s story could be far more epic than that of the 2018 entry.

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