Anthem’s Community Manager Opens Up About BioWare’s Silence Around the Game

In an open and very candid thread on Twitter, Anthem‘s Community Manager, Jesse Anderson, gave players some insight as to why the studio has been so close lipped on the game’s future. In it, he let players know “Sometimes when there are bigger discussions going on internally, I have to put communication on hold to avoid saying inaccurate things.” Anderson’s comments shed light on some missteps taken by the team, but ultimately emphasizes the team’s willingness to improve communication on Anthem‘s future content. It’s no secret that the game has struggled with player retention, but the team at BioWare appears committed to making sure that changes.

Anderson explains, “It might not always be about future content for Anthem, but I can talk about what just released, what’s about to release and issues the team is aware of and are fixing/investigating.” He went onto explain that the most recent stream was particularly difficult. He struggled to find a balance between interacting with the community and providing the information that they wanted about the game. He cited an instance where he wanted to joke with the participants of the stream but wasn’t sure if it would be in good taste. Going forward, the team aims to avoid situations similar to this “because it’s not a great experience for the players either.”

Anderson ended his thread on a positive note, letting players know that, where he is able, more regular information drops will come in the future during these streams. He also highlighted his enjoyment of other loot shooters such as Destiny and The Division 2, and reminded readers that “We can all coexist! Let’s not spread hate.”

Hopefully, this is an indicator of good things to come for the future of Anthem. The studio seems to recognize the role their community plays in the improvement of the game. With luck, we could see the game re-engage their players in the same ways that the original Destiny did with their highly revered Taken King expansion, or Destiny 2 did with the Forsaken expansion.

Are you excited for the future of Anthem? Do Anderson’s comments give you faith in where they might take the game next? Give us your thoughts below!

[Source: Twitter]

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