Listen to Persona 5 Royal’s All New Battle Theme

One of the most acclaimed elements of Persona 5 is its catchy, jazzy soundtrack. For the upcoming Persona 5 Royal, however, there looks to be even more for fans to love. Atlus recently gave a sneak peek at a new battle theme for the enhanced Persona 5 experience, called “Take Over.” While we’ll have to wait to hear the whole thing, it certainly looks like it’ll give fans’ ears a treat.

“Take Over” will be the theme used in battles incited by a pre-emptive strike. Like the Persona 5 standard battle theme, “Last Surprise,” this new theme will once again be performed Lyn Inaizumi. Speaking of “Last Surprise,” though, don’t worry about it disappearing. It will still be used in normal battles, while “Take Over” is reserved for pre-emptive attacks. Depending on how you play, however, you may end up hearing this new song more often.

The new theme is just one of many additions fans will see in Persona 5 Royal. Perhaps the most notable addition is Kasumi Yoshiwaza, a brand new party member. She presents herself as being against the Phantom Thieves, though why she ultimately teams up with them is a mystery. There will be also be a new semester and a new Palace to play through. We’ll also likely see plenty of more musical tracks, as well, though a new battle theme is definitely one of the most high-profile.

Persona 5 Royal will release in Japan on October 31, 2019 exclusively on the PlayStation 4. While it will release outside of Japan in 2020, there is no release date attached yet. If you absolutely cannot wait to experience Persona 5, though, you can currently get the standard version at a discounted price.

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[Source: ResetEra]