Marvel’s Spider-Man Artists Breakdown the Designs of the Game’s Many Suits

The first anniversary for Marvel’s Spider-Man is nearly upon us. To celebrate, some of Insomniac Games’ artists offered a breakdown on how each suit in the game was developed. It’s enlightening and accompanied by a snazzy video that outlines the developers’ design philosophy. Of course, most of Spidey’s suits in the game were lifted directly from the comics. Regardless, it offers fascinating insights.

See the aforementioned video below to get a good look at all of the hero’s myriad suits in action:

Probably most intriguing is the design philosophy behind the title’s default garb, the Advanced Suit. According to Senior Character Artist Leroy Chen, the Advanced Suit was primarily crafted with a “form follows function” reasoning in mind. Therefore, every piece of material that constitutes the suit’s design must represent the varying levels of flexibility and protection that Spider-Man needs while performing heroics.

The Vintage Comic Book Suit represents another Marvel’s Spider-Man original. Shader Technical Artist J Tuason brought this suit to life, emulating the look of vintage comics by crafting a shader. Unsurprisingly, according to Tuason, this was a “huge challenge.” The hard work certainly paid off, though, as this suit seems to be a favorite amongst fans.

Marvel’s Spider-Man’s Resilient Suit is yet another favorite. While this particular DLC does serve as an Insomniac original design, it also takes hints from the character’s comic counterpart. In the blog post, Leroy Chen explained that celebrated Marvel artist Gabriele Dell’Otto is responsible for the Resilient Suit’s design. Interestingly, unlike other suits, the eyes for this design don’t change shape based on Spidey’s expression, meant as an homage to Dell’Otto’s work on the character where his expression often remains “intense.”

Marvel’s Spider-Man is in stores now for the PlayStation 4. A Game of the Year Edition just released with a price tag of $39.99 attached.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]