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Report: Dying Light 2 Could Possibly Hit Stores Shelves in June 2020

During E3 2019, developer Techland revealed that the long-awaited Dying Light 2 will launch in spring 2020. However, it appears as though these plans may have received somewhat of a push. If word from proves true, fans might not get their hands on the sequel until June 2020.

At present, the speculative June 2020 launch window hasn’t officially been confirmed by Techland. The news comes courtesy of a interview with Klemens Kundratitz, CEO of Techland’s parent company–Koch Media. Yet, it wasn’t Kundratitz who let loose the potential Dying Light 2 release window. Rather, the detail received note in bits of exposition by the interviewer, James Batchelor.

In the article, the writer explained, “Despite the split over the original iteration of Dead Island 2, Koch still retains close ties with Techland–in fact, it’s distributing Dying Light 2 when it launches in June 2020.” Whether or not Batchelor was meant to let slip this piece of information remains unknown. At the time of writing, has yet to issue a statement suggesting otherwise. Techland and Koch Media haven’t offered any clarification, either.

Regardless of when the sequel lands in stores, fans of the original title have plenty of reasons to anticipate the next adventure. By all accounts, Dying Light 2 will provide a vastly different experience compared to its predecessor. Especially of note is the map’s massive size this time around. According to the studio’s Chief Technology Officer, Pawel Rohleder, Dying Light 2’s map eclipses that of Dying Light four times over. Moreover, the sequel’s delicate choice-based system will ensure every player’s world changes based on their own narrative decisions. Examples of the latter were featured in a recently released gameplay demo.

In addition to Dying Light 2’s potential launch details,’s interview with the Koch Media CEO is filled with interesting tidbits about the company’s future. Apparently, despite the development hell it’s endured, Dead Island 2 remains integral to future plans. The same is true of Saints Row’s next entry, which will receive a full unveiling sometime in 2020.

Whenever Dying Light 2 launches, it will land on the PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One platforms.