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Deliveries of Resident Evil 3’s Physical Copies May Be Delayed in Europe

Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, some physical deliveries for Resident Evil 3‘s remake may be delayed in European markets. Reportedly, this could also extend to the availability of physical copies in general. Should these changes occur, it will be due to certain restrictions that have been set in place by European governments, such as lockdowns, to reduce the virus’ spread.

Capcom’s UK Twitter account shared the update this morning in the following post, also making it clear that Resident Evil 3’s release date remains unchanged:

Square Enix recently posted a similar note about the sells of physical copies for Final Fantasy VII Remake’s forthcoming launch. Presently, it remains unknown how many other new releases will be similarly affected. For now, though, fans may want to consider purchasing these titles on digital storefronts if at all possible.

Fans of the long-running franchise and newcomers can take a stab at the remake now via a free demo. Tomorrow, March 27th, Capcom plans to launch a Resident Evil Resistance open beta, allowing players to experience the asymmetrical multiplayer mode.

Resident Evil 3 is nearly upon us. The remake launches on April 3rd for the PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One platforms. RE3’s trophy list went live not too long ago, showcasing a total of 33 trophies. Of course, a fair few of them are hidden. Still, some fans may find it worth perusing to get an idea of what the Platinum requires.

[Source: Capcom UK on Twitter]

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