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Where and When to Watch EA Play Live 2021: Battlefield 2042, Possible Dead Space, and More

EA Play Live 2021 is about to get underway, and you can watch the live stream of the show right here. Announcements are expected for Battlefield 2042, EA’s sports games, Apex Legends, Knockout City, and rumors have been flying around about something Dead Space related coming up during the show. This is EA’s big summer showcase, so expectations are high.

The pre-show kicks off today, July 22, at 10 am PT/1 pm ET, featuring EA’s Andy McNamara (formerly Editor in Chief of Game Informer) and Respawn’s Alex Ackerman. The main event will follow, hosted by Austin Creed. There’s no word on how long we can expect the pre-show or main event to be, but it’s looking pretty promising that the stream will start on time rather than forcing viewers to watch a countdown. You can watch it below:

You can also watch directly on YouTube, Twitch, or Twitter.

We know for certain that Battlefield 2042 will be featured, showing off the new game mode coming from Ripple Effect (formerly DICE LA). It will also showcase Apex Legends, but don’t expect Mass Effect, Dragon Age, or any Star Wars games. EA has already confirmed that all of these will be absent. Velan Studios should be in attendance with Knockout City to show off what’s coming in next week’s Season 2 update. There are also rumors swirling around about something Dead Space related coming out of EA Motive soon, with a reveal rumored during this stream.

Of course, some of the old EA standbys are expected to make appearances as well. Games like EA Sports franchises and The Sims are likely to show up in some capacity, being big earners for the company. We could also see other updates on indie titles published via EA Originals, including Zoink’s Lost in Random. The next Skate game, however, is confirmed to be missing this show.

Some titles were covered throughout this week in the EA Play Spotlight series leading up to the main show, so they may not see as big of a presence during the main event. Some of these included deeper dives into some of the sports titles, EA Originals, and more.

In past years, EA Play Live hasn’t been as big of an event, but it seems like this year’s show will be one worth watching, with plenty of variety throughout. And if those Dead Space rumors are true… well, it could be the best summer showcase we’ve had yet!

What are you hoping to see at EA Play Live 2021? Join us in the comments below as we watch this year’s show!