Wolverine PS5 reveal

Insomniac Unfazed by Wolverine PS5 Leaks, Has No Plans for a Reveal Right Now

Seemingly unbothered by the ongoing large-scale leaks, Insomniac Games has said that it has no plans for a Marvel’s Wolverine PS5 reveal right now. The game was announced nearly three years ago, and a good chunk of it leaked last December following a massive ransomware attack on Insomniac Games.

Wolverine PS5 reveal will come ‘when the time is right’

In response to a fan who asked for an update on Wolverine, Insomniac tweeted that it’ll share news “when the right is right, and the right time isn’t now.”

Insomniac previously reassured fans that eaks stemming from the ransomware attack have had no impact on Wolverine’s development, although they did take an “emotional toll” on the studio.

For its part, Sony has largely been quiet about the attack and what transpired. The company did, however, contact ISPs in an attempt to take down Wolverine leaks. However, as we reported recently, Sony is still scrambling to plug the leaks.

Since December, we’ve seen something of Wolverine nearly every month, including large amounts of alpha gameplay, character and enemy information, and even a potential release window of 2026.

Insomniac hasn’t said how long fans will have to wait, but it’s safe to assume Wolverine won’t be at the rumored PlayStation Showcase.