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September 17, 2010Written by Thomas Williams

PlayStation Move is here.¬†PlayStation LifeStyle is proud to present one of the best Launch Centers around covering Sony’s newest ‘platform’, The PlayStation Move. Every review, article, interview, trailer and screenshot you need, all here in one convenient location.

PlayStation Move Reviews

PlayStation Move Hardware

Sports Champions
Start The Party!
EyePet Move Edition
Kung Fu Rider

PlayStation Move Compatible Games Reviews

Toy Story 3
High Velocity Bowling

Hands-on Impressions

PlayStation Move Demo-Disc Impressions
TV SuperStars E3 Impressions
Kung Fu Rider E3 Impressions
The Shoot E3 Impressions
PlayStation Move Hands-On


What You Should Buy With the PlayStation Move
Cross Game Chat: Episode 4- PlayStation Move Special
Top 5 Franchises Suited for PlayStation Move

Game Details

No Move Support for Flower Anytime Soon
PlayStation Move Not Required for Dead Space: Extraction
Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition Move Patch Rises from the Dead
PS3 Exclusive Sorcery Announced
Fall to Pieces over the Tumble Trophy List
Exclusive: StarDrone Crashing into the PS3 with 3D and Move Support
Hustle Kings Update Move-ing this Week
echochrome ii Gameplay Proves it Could be Killer App
New Ape Escape Is An On-Rails Affair
Lord of the Rings: Aragorn’s Quest Pulls ‘Move’ From The Stone
Toy Story 3 To  Work With Move

LittleBigPlanet 2 Move Support May Arrive as DLC
Planet MiniGolf Will Make You Move
The Party Has Begun with The Start The Party Trophy List
Heavy Rain: Move Edition Announced; Shown
PlayStation Move Patch for Planet Minigolf Confirmed
Ubisoft’s “Child of Eden” to Bring New Landmark to Gaming
Move Launch Title Sports Champions to Receive DLC
Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition Moves This September 19th
No Moves Heroes Going to Move on the PS3
Sony Believes Move Can Out-do Mouse & Keyboard
Sony Plays Role of Puppet Master; Trademarks ‘Puppeteer’
Bizarre Shoots Down 3D and Move Support for James Bond 007: Blood Stone
Sony India: PS Move Launch Titles Aimed At Family
Ubisoft Announces New PlayStation Move Title
Some PlayStation Move Titles to Launch With Added Dualshock 3 Support
Dualshock Can be USed Instead of Move’s Navigation Controller

General Information

PlayStation Prepares Massive Move Marketing Deal with Coca-Cola
Amazon Counting Down to PS Move Launch with Exclusive Content
Sony Offering ‘Limited Edition’ Move Bundle on QVC
PlayStation Move Deals are ‘Right here, Right now’
Sony Europe Launching New PlayStation Move Ad Campaign
Kitase see’s ‘Awkward’ Move-ment in RPGs
High Velocity Bowling Getting 3D and Move-enabled Retails Release?
PlayStation Move Promo Materials Making Their Way to Retailers
Germans Love PlayStation Move
PlayStation Move Has Plenty of Battery Life
Sony Not Expecting Massive Day One PS Move Success
The PlayStation Move, Killing Peripherals One At A Time
GT5 Takes Top Honors at Gamescom while Move Trounces Kinect
Sony Teams Up with SUBWAY for PlayStation Move Promotion
Humorous PS Move Warnings
New Addition to PS3 Boxart Lets You Know When to Move
SCEA Releases PlayStation Move ‘Launch Brochure’
PlayStation Move to Take Over the World
Epic Mickey Could Easily Be On The PS3
Move accessory Mania Begins with ‘Ultimate’ Boxing Gloves
Sony Taiwan Really Knows How to Move, and Party
PlayStation Move Pre-Order Moves In
Sony ‘Pounds’ Out Details for the UK PS Move Launch
Gun Attachment For PlayStation Move Revealed
SOCOM 4 Deployment Delayed
PS Move Akin to $100K Surgery Sim
PlayStation Move Positions Tiger For a Longer Sales Swing
PlayStation to Rock Out at Lollapalooza
PlayStation Move Package Packs a Punch
Sony: We Don’t Want PS Move to be a Casual Controller
Amazon Opens PlayStation Move ‘Store’
PlayStation Move is Priced For Profit
Sony Outlines PlayStation Move Japan Launch
Is the PS3’s 3D & Move Confusing Consumers?
Sony: 3D & Move Combination is “What the Future of Gaming Will Feel like”
David Cage ‘Disappointed Over Heavy Rain Chronicles Cancellation
Sony May Be Working On 3D PlayStation Eye
PlayStation Move Pre-Order Round Up: Hardware, Games, Accessories
Move Charging Dock Unveiled


Box Art Revealed For Various PlayStation Move Titles
PlayStation Move Demos Included on Select Move Launch Titles
Sony Launches New Move Portal, Hilarity Ensues
Kevin Butler Move-age Incites a Gamer Move-ment
PS Move Video to Help You ‘Move it, Move it’
PlayStation Move Web Browser Support Could Mean Huge Success for Sony
Massive MAG PlayStation Move FPS Gameplay Footage
Indoor Activities Redefined By Sports Champions
Get the Party Rockin’ With Move’s Star the Party!
Kevin Butler Moves Back to the Future
The Shoot Target’s Move Customers with New Trailer
Echochrome ii Footage Shines Light on Gameplay Details
PlayStation Move Demo Disc to Move to PSN
North American EyePet Boxart Revealed
Sorcery Casts a Spell Upon You
Exciting Heroes on the Move E3 Trailer
PlayStation Move to Retail with a Demo Disc
In-depth PlayStation Move Video Airs
Party On with PlayStation Move: Start the Party Developer Diary
Lord of the Ring: Aragorn’s Quest Boxart Ventures Forth
The Fight Lights Out Trailer Promises Haymakers at 60 FPS & More
Kevin Butler: There’s a New Pet in Town
PixelJunk LifeLike Teases PlayStation Move Support
The Lord of the Rings: Aragorn’s Quest Launch Trailer


New PlayStation Move Tech Demo Released, is Amazing
Time Crisis Razing Storm PS3 Exclusive Due to the Kinect
Insomniac’s Ted Price Talks 3D & Move
Sony Won’t “Force” PlayStation Move on Developers
Richard Marks Talks PlayStation Move’s Orb
Tech Expert Claims PS Move is More Precise than Kinect
PlayStation Move Lets you Control the XMB Minority Report Style
Live PlayStation Move Demo with Dr. Richard Marks

The question that we have for all you is this. Have we here at PlayStation LifeStyle done our job to convince you that the PlayStation Move is worth the time and money? Let us know in the comments below share your thoughts, hands-on impressions, and war stories as they happen!