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Knights and Bikes Preview 2

PSX 2016 – Knights and Bikes Preview – Spark of Imagination (PS4)

Just you and your ten-speed.

Full Throttle Remastered Preview 2

PSX 2016 – Full Throttle Remastered Preview – Rebuilt Restored (PS4)

Our past is our future.

Psychonauts in the rhombus of ruin PSX 2016 Preview2

PSX 2016 – Psychonauts in the Rhombus of Ruin Hands-On Preview – Ir-Raz-istible (PSVR)

It’s all in your mind.

brutal legend 555x328

Double Fine Dismisses Brutal Legend 2 Reports

But it doesn’t mean it’s never happening, they say.

Headlander Review 1

Headlander Review – Burning Up on Re-Entry (PS4)

Concept lacks cohesion.


PlayStation Store PLAY 2016 Promotion Offers Pre-Order Discounts on Bound, Brut@l & More

PlayStation Plus members save 20% on each.

Adult Swim Games Logo

E3 2016 – Adult Swim Games’ Headlander & Rain World Previews – A Place for Misfit Games (PS4)

These games are a little bit different.


Psychonauts Released Today on PS4 in North America

After Sony said it wouldn’t.


Abstract Platformer 140 Announced for PS4 and PS Vita

From Jeppe Carlsen, one of the minds behind Limbo.


PSN Store Weekly Deals Top Picks – March 22 – March 29, 2016

Unravel a Broken Age.


Original Psychonauts Headed to PS4 in Spring 2016

Psychonauts 2 Fig campaign ended today.


Psychonauts 2 Fully Funded, Double Fine Expects It to Launch in Fall 2018 on PS4, XB1 & PC

Double Fine thanks their supporters.


PSN Store Weekly Deals Top Picks – December 22 – December 29 2015

Our final episode of 2015!


Zombie Vikings DLC Adds Psychonauts’ Raz for Free


Headlander preview

PSX 2015: Headlander Preview – Ahead of the Competition

Double Fine and Adult Swim.


Double Fine Open to Brutal Legend 2 Depending on Success of Psychonauts Sequel

“We can’t make any promises.”


PSX 2015: Job Simulator and Psychonauts in the Rhombus of Ruin VR Trailers and Details

That’s two Psychonauts within a week.

Psychonauts 2

Psychonauts 2 Campaign Hit One Million Within 24 Hours

Looks like it’ll be fully funded within no time.

Psychonauts 2

Double Fine Confirms Long-Awaited Sequel Psychonauts 2

Ten years since the original!