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PlayStation Store Preview – October 21, 2014 – Calm Before the Storm

Want to know what’s coming in this week’s update?


PlayStation Store Preview – August 26, 2014

Want to know what’s coming in this week’s update?


PSN Currently Down Across All Platforms (Update)

Time to start playing some story-driven games.


Ask PSLS: The Current State of the PlayStation Network

Ask PSLS is NOT down for maintenance!


Haunting Ground Rated by ESRB, Could be Coming to PS3 as a PS2 Classic

Capcom’s PS2 survival horror title has been rated for PS3 by the ESRB.


Square Enix Announces Two Puzzle Packs For Quantum Conundrum

Quantum Conundrum to receive additional puzzles via downloadable Puzzle Packs.

Sony’s Welcome Back Package Could Hurt New Game Sales, Says Dev

Many PSN users are itching to get their hands on Sony’s freeRead the full article…

“PlayStation Network” Tops Google’s Fastest Rising Searches

The PlayStation Network has overtaken pop culture icons, reality TV stars, and the National Building Society in Google’s UK charts this past week, showing the service’s popularity.

Demos Galore in This Week’s PlayStation Store Update

Who doesn’t love game demos? Am I right? We do, and weRead the full article…

PS3′s Internet Connection Rate is “Industry Leader”

Sony boasts about having the most internet connected users out of any next-gen console on the market…

Pachter: PlayStation Plus Needed for PSN Profits

Ever since the launch of Sony’s premium free online gaming and digitalRead the full article…

Sony Working With ‘Big Hitters’ from Hollywood on PSN Exclusive Content

Is Tinsletown eying the PlayStation Network?