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Bethesda’s Pete Hines Thinks The Evil Within & Rage Sold Well Enough to Warrant Sequels

“You will have to wait and see.”

Bethesda on Dishonored: “It’s Something That We Feel is a Franchise”

Rage 2 is “to be determined.”

RAGE ‘The Scorchers’ DLC Hits the PSN on Tuesday, Adds Ultra-Nightmare Difficulty

Will you face the ultra nightmare?

Carmack Found it Too Hard to Obtain 60FPS on Consoles

John Carmack is well-known in the gaming community, especially on PC, forRead the full article…

PlayStation Release Horizon – Week of October 4, 2011

Welcome to another edition of the PlayStation Release Horizon. While all threeRead the full article…

Enter Jackal Canyon With RAGE

id Software has just released a new gameplay trailer for their upcoming open world FPS game, RAGE, which is being produced by Bethesda Softworks.

id Software Shows Appreciation to Sony for Allowing 8GB Rage Install

id Software revealed yesterday that the PlayStation 3 version of Rage willRead the full article…

Rage and Save with Great Pre-Order Deal

id Software’s first retail game since 2004, Rage, is at the endRead the full article…

New RAGE Trailer from PAX, Featuring Roy Campbell

It’s a hot season for game shows. We’re just coming off gamesom,Read the full article…

id Software Reveals Rage’s Version of Online Pass

Id Software has revealed that Rage will feature its own version of the online pass, which will block those buying used from accessing sewer content in the single player campaign.

RAGE “Uprising” Trailer Teases Plot and Cast

A new trailer for RAGE from id Software briefly hints at plot details and an accompanying cast of characters.

Get Angry and Pissed with New Rage Screenshots

Bethesda has been nice enough to send us some new screenshots andRead the full article…

Japan Prepares to RAGE This October

id Software has laid quietly in the shadows the past few monthsRead the full article…

Exclusive RAGE Special Edition Rampages to Retailer

It only makes sense then to make a great thing better, and RAGE is doing so by putting out a special edition for the fans.

RAGE – E3 Preview

ID Software is already legendary as a game developer for all their work on the Doom franchise, so there are high expectations for their new IP, RAGE.

Don’t RAGE Too Much Over this Short Delay

id Software’s Rage is working itself up to be an incredible, if not beautiful game later this year. Those excited for it will have to wait just a bit longer than previously expected though.

John Carmack Wants to Rage Again

Rage received a lot of attention at last year’s E3. Members ofRead the full article…

Kill a Man With RAGE E3 Gameplay Video

Developer id Software, known for its iconic shooting games like the DoomRead the full article…

Visit The Shrouded in Lengthy New Rage Trailer

Bethesda Softworks have released a new gameplay trailer titled ‘The Shrouded’ for their upcoming shooter Rage.

id Tech 5 Provides Graphical Excellence in Latest Rage Gameplay Images

id Software’s upcoming first-person shooter, Rage, will be the first title toRead the full article…