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Bad Gamers: Ep 65 – Star Wars, Pets and Borderlands The Pre-Sequel

If dogs could speak.


Amy Hennig Lands at Visceral, is Making a New Star Wars Game

She’s entering charted territory at EA.

Star Wars

EA CEO Wants To Approach Star Wars Games Like the Arkham Franchise

Star Wars: Tatooine Asylum


EA: The Star Wars Games “Won’t Necessarily be Aligned With the Movies”

More Star Wars: Battlefront information in the years to come.

Let’s Blow This Thing And Go Home

EA: “The Next Generation of Hardware is Incredible,” Star Wars Plans Getting Detailed at E3

Criterion gets a name drop.


EA Forms DICE LA, Mostly Made From Danger Close Team, to Work on Star Wars Title

The force is strong with this studio.

Let’s Blow This Thing And Go Home

Daily Reaction: Help Us EA You’re Our Only Hope For Good Star Wars Games

Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to hits.


Disney Shuts Down LucasArts; Gives In to the Darkside [Update]

Disney force-es cancellations and closure.


LucasArts Files Trademarks and Domains for Star Wars: First Assault

Please don’t be just another wacky motion title.

Pachter: E3 2011 Could Be The Best Yet

E3 2011 is mere weeks away now, and the entire industry isRead the full article…

Star Wars: TFU 2 Launch Trailer Unleashed

The sequel to 2008′s Star Wars: The Force Unleashed is set forRead the full article…