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DICE: Star Wars Battlefront Won’t “Feel Like or Play Like” Battlefield, Discusses Space Combat

Talks about why AT-ATs aren’t drive-able as well.


The Ultimate – Star Wars Battlefront

Star Wars Battlefield?


Star Wars Battlefront Game Content “Has Absolutely Zero to do With DLC,” Says Dev

On that in-engine reveal trailer: “This is how it looks right now – on PS4 as well, yes.”


Here’s the First Star Wars Battlefront Developer Diary Video

Does it offer a glimpse at gameplay?


Star Wars Battlefront Will Use Destruction “Where It Makes Sense”

But they’re “also working to create something that is authentic to the universe.”

Top 5 Thumb 550 x 250 version

Top 5 Star Wars Games

The Force is strong with these games…


Now Loading…Star Wars Battlefront Graphics – Is It Real? Will the Game Deliver?

Do you believe the hype?


Star Wars Battlefront Won’t Use Battlelog System, Will Launch With More Than Eight Maps

Battlefront won’t be a “big-budget Battlefield mod.”


Star Wars Battlefront Includes Playable Female Stormtroopers

No pink Darth Vader for you.


DICE: Star Wars Battlefront Frame Rate to Be at 60fps for PS4, Xbox One and PC

“Photo-realism” high on DICE’s agenda, too!


Here’s the Official Star Wars Battlefront Trailer

Watch the livestream right here.


Star Wars Battlefront Won’t Include a Campaign or Prequel Trilogy Content

But you will be able to play missions alone or with friends.


Star Wars Battlefront Release Date Fully Confirmed, Free Battle of Jakku DLC Detailed

Battle of Jakku is the only post-launch content being talked about right now.


Star Wars Battlefront Details Leak: Play as Darth Vader, Fly X-Wings, Free DLC in December

Up to 40 players can battle it out.


Report: Star Wars Battlefront is Releasing on November 17, Early Footage Leaks Out

A brief look was included inside the new Force Awakens trailer.


Star Wars Battlefront Reveal on Friday to Be Live-Streamed

Official Battlefront panel description has been released as well.


Star Wars Battlefront to Be Playable First on Xbox One

Most likely part of EA Access.


Star Wars Digital Movie Collection Comes to PlayStation Video on April 10, May Cost Around $100

Each movie includes never-before-seen special features.


EA Hosting Playtests for Star Wars: Battlefront Next Week

Testers to sign NDAs.


Star Wars Battlefront Trailer Officially Dated, Gameplay to Be Shown Behind Closed Doors

Attendees get a sneak peek!