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A Star Wars Battlefront Campaign Wasn’t Included Because EA Wanted to Release Alongside The Force Awakens

EA knows most shooters need a single-player campaign to be successful.


Star Wars Battlefront Offering a Free Outer Rim Trial Beginning on May 13

You’ll have access to the maps, modes, and heroes.

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Star Wars Battlefront Sequel Coming in 2017, Visceral’s Star Wars Title Expected in 2018

Star Wars Battlefront VR experience out this year.


Titanfall Developer Respawn Is Working on a Third-Person Action Adventure Star Wars Game

God of War’s Stig Asmussen is Game Director.


Star Wars Battlefront Update Today Fixes Crashing Issues, Adjusts Weapons & Heroes

Here’s all the patch notes.

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Celebrate May the 4th With These Star Wars Battlefront Activities

Log-in reward and a new Hutt contract.


Star Wars Battlefront Spring 2016 Content Includes Lando Calrissian, More Offline Options

They’ll have activities on May the 4th.


Sony: Star Wars Battlefront VR Will “Show Gamers What It Means to Be in the World of VR”

VR exclusives are different than console exclusives.

Star Wars Battlefront Outer Rim DLC 3

PSA: Star Wars Battlefront Offering 5,000 Credits for Free This Weekend

To celebrate the launch of Outer Rim.


Star Wars Battlefront Hotfix Today Fixed Rank 60 Issue, Hutt Contracts Detailed

You have to spend credits to unlock the contracts.


LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens Gameplay Trailer Features Multi-Builds, Space Dogfights

Seek cover behind nearby objects.

Star Wars Battlefront Outer Rim DLC

Star Wars Battlefront Update Today Is 8GB, Adds Outer Rim DLC

You’ll also find numerous changes and fixes.


Star Wars Battlefront Outer Rim DLC Gets a Gameplay Trailer, Releases on March 22

Non-Season Pass owners can buy it on April 5.


Report: Star Wars Battlefront Outer Rim DLC Price and Release Date Outed

All thanks to GameStop.


Star Wars Battlefront Video Tease Jabba the Hutt Contracts

New gear awaits!


Star Wars Battlefront Update Today Adds New Map & New Mission

Outer Rim set for later this month.


EA CFO Says PS4/Xbox One Sales Have Reached 60 Million, Teases More Star Wars Games

EA is experimenting with VR.


The Force Awakens Star Asks EA If Star Wars Battlefront Will Get an Offline Story Mode

“Have you had a chance to try the Missions?”


Star Wars Battlefront Outer Rim DLC Includes Greedo & Nien Nunb, Extraction Game Mode

New weapons includes the Relby V-10 rifle and DT-12 blaster pistol.

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Cancelled Star Wars Episode 7 Game Would Have Put Players in the Role of Luke Skywalker’s Son

With new Force powers.