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Renowned Artists Team Up With Tekken 7 for In-Game Panel Art That’ll Release as Free DLC

Mister Cartoon, Jeremy Fish, and more.


Tekken 7’s First DLC Pack Arrives in August, Includes Bowling

One of the two guest characters has been decided.


The Tekken 7 Accolades Trailer Is Here and It Will Remind You How Great It Is

“Millions” are playing it already.

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Tekken 7 Update 1.03 Is Live on PS4, Improves Online Matchmaking & More

Eliza should be out this month.

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Tekken 7 PS4 Input Lag Will Be Fixed Soon, Says Harada

Apparently, it occurred with certain wired pads only.


Tekken 7 Update 1.02 on PS4 Is 720MB, Improves Online Matching Functionality

Voice chat is now set to OFF by default.


Tekken 7 Patch Dates Announced, Fixes for Online Stability and Matchmaking Coming

Fixes are coming soon.


Tekken 7 Online Issues Being Investigated

Are you facing any problems?


UK Sales Chart: Tekken 7 Grabs the Series’ First #1 in Nearly 20 Years

Star Trek: Bridge Crew opened in 16th.

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Digital Foundry: Tekken 7 PS4 and PS4 Pro Multiplayer Presentations Are Identical, Gameplay Is “Solid”

There are some “glaring cutbacks” on Xbox One.


Tekken Dev Doesn’t Think the Game Is Complex, Says He Initially Didn’t Expect a Long-Running Franchise

The series has sold 44 million copies.

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Tekken 7 Launch Trailer Wants Players to Get Into Fights

Plus, watch British celebrities Keith Chegwin and Timmy Mallet engage in battle.


Tekken 7 Tips You Need to Know Before Starting

Go from a zero to a hero.

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Tekken 7 Update 1.01 on PS4 Is 530MB, Here’s What it Does

Tekken 7 totals 42.29GB.


Tekken 7 – Everything You Need to Know

One of gaming’s greatest franchises returns to the fold.

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Tekken 7 Review – Iron Fist Rage (PS4)

Time to progress to 35th Dan all over again!

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Tekken 7 Features Detailed in New Videos

Lots of new stuff!


Katsuhiro Harada Talks About Tekken 7’s Tournament Mode

Test your skills!

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Tekken 7 Trophies Revealed

Bandai Namco offers up a trio of Game Guide videos.


Tekken 7 Official Opening Cinematic Released, Showcases Mishima Feud

It finally comes to this.