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Tekken 7 Story Mode, Rage Quitting, and Cross-Play Details Revealed


Tekken 7 06

Tekken 7 Gameplay Video Pits Shaheen Against Lars, Teen Rating Explained

“One cutscene involves pizza, laxatives, gurgling noises, and flatulence.”


Tekken 7 Preview – Rage Is Art (PS4)

Fated to be faithful to the arcade version.


Tekken 7 Gets New Trailer Showcasing Playable Characters Including Classic Fighters

First in a series of new character trailers.


Tekken 7’s Post-Launch DLC Will Include Two Exclusive Playable Guest Characters

Bandai Namco details their Tekken 7 DLC plans.


Bandai Namco Showcases Tekken 7 and Dark Souls III: The Ringed City Gameplay at PAX East

Ringed City comes later this month.

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Tekken 7 Director Responds to Fans Requesting Cross-Platform Play, Says It’s a First-Party Policy Issue

“Don’t ask me again,” he says.


Eddy Gordo Confirmed for Tekken 7

He’s seeking retribution for the death of his Capoeira master.

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Tekken 7 Requires 42GB of Space on PS4

Pre-order for an exclusive theme,


EVO 2017 Lineup Announced, New Tekken 7 Trailer Reveals Eliza Gameplay

Street Fighter V, BlazBlue, Super Smash Bros, and more will be at EVO.


Tekken 7 Was Delayed Because The Team Didn’t Want to Cut Content, Says Harada

They learned a lesson from past titles.

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Tekken 7 Releases on June 2 for PS4, Xbox One & PC

Season Pass, Collector’s Edition & PS4 exclusive content detailed.


Tekken Revolution Will End Support in March 2017

March 21, to be specific.

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Tekken 7 Adding Kuma and Panda Alongside New Online Tournament Mode for Consoles

Check out a trailer!


New Tekken 7 Trailer Released, Akuma Might Be the Only Cross-Over Character

“Akuma may be a special case.”

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Tekken 7 Interview With Katsuhiro Harada – Console Content, DLC and More

“Has there ever been an installment in which we never including anything extra for the console release?”


Tekken 7 Gets a TGS 2016 Gameplay Trailer, PS4 Pro Support “To Be Determined”

Bandai Namco as a whole hasn’t made a decision about PS4 Pro yet.


Bob and Master Raven Added to the Tekken 7 Roster

New videos show them off.


Tekken 7 Will Run at 1080p/60fps on PS4, Says Producer

DLC is still under consideration.