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Tekken 7 Director Talks Interactive Cutscenes, Choosing New Fighters

Learn about Rage mode attacks.


E3 2016 – Tekken 7 Gameplay Trailer, Releases in Early 2017

Also coming to Xbox One.

tekken x street fighter

Tekken X Street Fighter Not in Active Development

Fracturing the fighting game community is one of the reasons…

header ps4 fighting games

PS4 Fighting Games – A Look at Current and Upcoming Titles

It’s not just Street Fighter anymore!

tekken 7 fated retribution

Tekken 7 Fated Retribution Trailer Highlights New Rage Attack System

Unleash fury.


New Tekken 7 Fated Retribution Screenshots and Trailer Released

Screens initially leaked by South Korean rating board.


Street Fighter’s Akuma Added to Tekken 7 Roster

Coming as part of the Fated Retribution update.


PGW 2015: Tekken 7 for PlayStation VR Announced

Virtual Reality fighting, anyone?


Report: Tekken 7 Getting Released on Consoles in 2016 (Update)

“Revealed” during Madrid Games Week.

tekken logo

Major Tekken 7 Announcement Coming on July 7

Console release date?

tekken 7 kazumi

Tekken 7’s Newest Playable Character is Kazumi Mishima

She comes with a tiger!

tekken 7 jack

Jack Returns in Tekken 7 With a Pink Mohawk

Watch him punch Alisa.


Yoshimitsu Revealed for Tekken 7, Looks Different


Josie Tekken 7

New Tekken 7 Screenshots Show Josie, Jin and Devil Jin in Action

Josie’s concept art comes from Bayonetta’s character designer.

Josie Tekken 7

New Tekken 7 Characters Officially Revealed, Get Awesome Gameplay Videos

Josie, Jin, and Devil Jin!

Leaked Tekken 7 Image

Tekken 7 Images Datamined, Four Characters Shown

Two of the characters are mysteries!

shaheen tekken 7

New Tekken 7 In-Game Screenshots Show Shaheen in Action

Lucky Chloe gameplay shown off as well.


Tekken 7 Opening Video Revealed, Showcases an Old Rivarly

The heat is on!

tekken x street fighter

Tekken x Street Fighter is Still in Development, Around 40 People Working on the Project

The focus right now is on Tekken 7.