Diamond Select Toys Unveils Kingdom Hearts III and Marvel’s Spider-Man Figures

Diamond Select Toys has a host of new things to talk about that were a part of its SDCC 2019 announcements. Amidst the DC, Marvel, and Disney reveals are a few video game-related pieces. Two of the newest products from Diamond Select Toys are Kingdom Hearts III figurines. Another is a Marvel’s Spider-Man action figure. All will be available to purchase December 18, 2019.

The Kingdom Hearts III figures both show Sora as he appears in the title’s Toy Story world. One figurine is of Sora in his Valor Form. This poseable figure features 16 points of articulation, includes Sora’s Infinity Badge Keyblade, and will come packaged with a blister card. Diamond Select Toys’ other Kingdom Hearts 3 figure depicts Sora in his Wisdom Form. This piece will come with 16 points of articulation, the hero’s Shooting Star Keyblade, and a blister card. Each of the Sora pieces will cost $29.99.

Fans of Marvel’s Spider-Man will soon have another bit of merchandise to add to the still growing collection. The new 7-inch action figure will come packaged with a set of interchangeable hands, head, and a few web accessories. Like the Sora figurines, this Spidey statue will cost $29.99. Interestingly, the Spider-Man figure from Diamond Select Toys is being sculpted by Gentle Giant Studios, the company also partnering with Marvel to deliver a Captain America statue for the Marvel’s Avengers Collector’s Edition.

See how Diamond Select Toys brings Sora and Insomniac’s version of Spider-Man to life in the image gallery below:

For now, it seems neither of the Kingdom Hearts III figures nor the one for Marvel’s Spider-Man is up for preorder. When such information does finally become available, all three will likely be sold on Diamond Select Toys’ website.

[Source: Diamond Select Toys via Toyark]