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PSLS’ Morning Wood Ep. 059: Octodad’s Photos of his Second Son

Are you one in 7 million?

WiR Sony on top

Week in Review: 4/18/2014 – Sony Sales Figures Put Them On Top

A good start.

PSLS Live LEGO Hobbit

PSLS Live: LEGO The Hobbit Live Stream

A night to remember.

Collection BG

Bad Gamers: Ep 66 – The Return of Rock Band and Game Hoarding Vs. Collecting

Digital hoarding at its best.

LEGO The Hobbit

Gamer Academy: LEGO The Hobbit Cheat Codes and Character Unlocks

Party Business Only.


PlayStation Store Preview – April 15th, 2014: An Update Reborn

Want to know what’s coming in this week’s update?

Child of Light

Child of Light PAX East Preview (PS4/PS3)

My precious!


PSLS’ Morning Wood Ep. 058: The PS4′s Missing Gearbox

There’s an identity crisis for what console generation we’re in!

WIR Happy Panda

Week in Review: 4/11/2014 – The Last of Us PS4 Paintjob and Borderlands The Pre-Sequel

No sad pandas this week.

Mercenary Kings Review

Mercenary Kings Review (PS4)

You can unlock a toilet gun and a plunger for a knife.


Bad Gamers: Ep 65 – Star Wars, Pets and Borderlands The Pre-Sequel

If dogs could speak.


Showcase: Persona 4 Fan and Concept Art

Truth is elusive, pics aren’t.