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Detroit: Become Human to Reverse Poignant Endgame Moment

Does this undercut Detroit’s thought-provoking themes?

Detroit become human sales

Detroit Crosses a Milestone in Two Weeks


detroit become human sales

Detroit: Become Human Tops EU’s May Download Chart Despite Being on Sale for Six Days

God of War slipped to third spot.

God of War Tops Downloaded Game Charts for US PlayStation Store in May

Detroit and Dark Souls round out the top three.

detroit become human photo mode

Detroit: Become Human Photo Mode Currently in the Works

It’s not the easiest thing.

God of war sales

God of War Retains Its Crown in May’s UK Retail Charts, Detroit: Become Human Off to a Good Start

Sony remains the top publisher.

Detroit Become Human sales

Detroit: Become Human Tops UK Chart on Debut

Press X to profit.

Detroit become human info everything you need to know

Everything You Need to Know About Detroit: Become Human

What does it mean to live?

Detroit become Human sharing

Detroit: Become Human Screenshots and Videos Can’t be Shared Using Share Button

Hope you have a USB drive handy.

Detroit: Become Human Review – Lessons Learned (PS4)

What does it mean to be human, and is that a lesson we can learn from androids?

PlayStation Store Discount Code

Get 20% Off Any PlayStation Store Purchase By Watching the Detroit: Become Human Launch Trailer

Some restrictions apply.

detroit become human launch trailer

Developer Quantic Dream and Sony Releases Detroit: Become Human’s Launch Trailer

I can;t wait to become human by playing this game! *beep boop*

detroit become human art

Go Behind-the-Scenes on the Art Development for Detroit: Become Human

See what it takes to inhabit an entire world.

Detroit become human demo

Here Are Eight Things You Might Have Missed During the Detroit: Become Human Demo

Did you catch any of these?

detroit become human sales

Analyst Estimates Detroit: Become Human Will Sell Around 3-4 Million Copies

Michael Pachter believes the game is somewhat niche.

Cross play podcast episode 3 detroit leaks

Cross-Play Podcast Episode #3: Detroit is Leaking

Let’s talk Detroit: Become Human and how leaks impact the industry.

Detroit become human bonus content

Detroit: Become Human Rewards Players With Bonus Content for Replaying Scenes

Each story node unlocked rewards points.

quantic dream

Report: Quantic Dream Sues French Newspaper Over Article on Working Conditions

Also suing website after its reports.

detroit become human gold

Detroit: Become Human Has Gone Gold

Amazon Alexa compatibility also announced.

PS4 New Releases

Detroit: Become Human Difficulty Options Revealed

Play for narrative or play with risk.