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Nelke And The Legendary Alchemists Western Release

Western Release Confirmed! Nelke and The Legendary Alchemists: Ateliers Of The New World

Celebrating 20 wonderful years.

Deal or Alive 6 coming to EVO 2018

Playable Dead or Alive 6 Hits EVO 2018

Suitably hyped for this one.

New Final Fantasy Dissidia NT Character

A New Final Fantasy Dissidia NT Character Will Be Revealed Soon

A new challenger approaches!

Dead or Alive 6 preview

E3 2018 Hands-On Preview: Dead or Alive 6 Takes a More Intense Approach To Fighting

Trying to break the stigma of the “sexy fighter.”

New Atelier Game gets Gameplay Details and Release Date

The new Atelier game, Nelke and the Legendary Alchemists: Atelier of a New Land, gets gameplay details and a 2018 Japanese release window.

Dead or Alive 6 female characters less sexy

Dead or Alive 6 Going Easy on Female Character Sexualisation

Ah crap… I mean, good, good.

Nioh 2

E3 2018: Team Ninja Reveals Nioh 2

The yokai are back in Nioh 2.

Dead or Alive 6 announced today

Koei Tecmo and Team Ninja Reveal Dead or Alive 6

It’s showtime! DoA bring it on!

Dynasty Warriors 9 patch notes update 1.10 - Xiahou Ba

Dynasty Warriors 9 Gets Updated Again to Version 1.10

They’ve come this far.

nioh sales

Nioh Sales Have Officially Reached 2 Million Copies Worldwide

That’s a lot of sales!

Warriors Orochi 4 live stream - Zhao Yun and Sanada Yukimura

Warriors Orochi 4 Will Have Its First Japanese Live Stream on June 9

A new character reveal is being teased!

Dynasty Warriors 9 update patch 1.09

Dynasty Warriors 9 Gets a New Title Update Patch to Version 1.09

The weapon DLC pack is also out today.

Dynasty Warriors 9 Wang Yi with Emei Piercers DLC

Wang Yi Gets to Use Her Emei Piercers Again in This Dynasty Warriors 9 DLC Trailer

Quick and deadly.

Attack on Titan 2 Decisive Battle Mode

Attack on Titan 2 Gets a New Decisive Battle Mode With the Latest Update Patch

Time to settle things once and for all!

Nobunagas Ambition Taishi

Koei Tecmo Introduces New Nobunagas Ambition: Taishi Strategies and Systems

Become the best conquerer you can be!

Warriors Orochi 4 characters - Zhao Yun and Sanada Yukimura

Warriors Orochi 4 Officially Confirmed for PS4, Will Have 170 Playable Characters

The most ambitious crossover game.

Dynasty Warriors 9 Zhang He with Claws DLC

Zhang He Gets His Claws Back in This Dynasty Warriors 9 DLC Trailer

His famous weapon is back.

Warriors Orochi 4 information

Koei Tecmo to Publish New Warriors Orochi 4 Information on May 10

The big crossover game will be detailed soon.