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Dynasty Warriors 9 Hideaway DLC

New Dynasty Warriors 9 DLC Which Lets You Customize Hideaways is Out Now

That’s a really high house!

Ni no Kuni II Leafbook

Social Media in Games Enhances the Experience

You might prefer playing alone but these games encourage you to be social – in a good way.

Dynasty Warriors 9 update patch 1.07

Dynasty Warriors 9 Gets a New Update Patch to Version 1.07

Mostly bug fixes.

nobunagas ambition taishi western release

March With Nobunaga Oda As His Ambition Reaches The West

You know the old Japanese saying right? “The sword is an extension of your arms. The Dual Shock 4 is an extension of your soul.”

Attack on Titan 2 predator mode

Play as the Titans and Eat Humans in New Attack on Titan 2 Predator Mode

Free update for all players.

Dynasty Warriors 9 Photo Mode

Dynasty Warriors 9 Title Update Patch to Ver.1.06 Adds a New Photo Mode

Create photogenic images.

Atelier Lydie and Suelle Review

Atelier Lydie & Suelle: The Alchemists and the Mysterious Paintings Review – Saccharine (PS4)

What if instead of saving the world you just synthesized a bunch of honey?

attack on titan 2 ps4

Attack on Titan 2 is Officially Out Today, Watch the Launch Trailer

Watch the trailer and then play the game!

Warriors Orochi 4 Japanese logo Musou Orochi 3

Koei Tecmo Officially Reveals Musou Orochi 3, Also To Be Known as Warriors Orochi 4

The grand crossover is back.

Dynasty Warriors 9 update patch 1.05

Dynasty Warriors 9 Title Update to Ver.1.05 Lets You Redistribute Character Upgrade Points

Check out the full patch notes.

attack on titan 2 bonus

Get an Attack on Titan 2 Bonus With a Save From the First Game

Scans for a save from the first game.

Attack on Titan 2 Review – From a Different Perspective (PS4)

Improves on feedback from the first game.

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Season Pass Characters

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT DLC Will Be Trickling Out Characters Until February 2019

A new character coming every two months.

Attack on Titan 2 character customization

Here’s a Detailed Preview of Attack on Titan 2 Character Customization From Dengeki

You can make yourself into an AoT character!

Attack on Titan 2 Vita Versus demonstration

Watch Yui Ishikawa and Marina Inoue Duke It Out in the PS Vita Version of Attack on Titan 2

Playing as their respective characters, Mikasa and Armin.

Dynasty Warriors 9 DLC schedule - Hideaway customization

Koei Tecmo Has Published Dynasty Warriors 9 DLC Schedule

Prepare for more additions.

Attack on Titan 2 Lawson costume Levi

This Store Clerk DLC Costume in Attack on Titan 2 is Exclusive to a Certain Store in Japan

Based on the real-life Japanese store chain, Lawson.

Atelier Lydie and Suelle DLC Lucia Borthayre

Today’s DLC for Atelier Lydie and Suelle Adds Lucia Borthayre Into the Party

A model ojousama-type rival.

Attack on Titan 2 DLC Costumes - Reiner Braun American Football

Koei Tecmo Has Published All Images of Attack on Titan 2 DLC Costumes

Down, set, hut, hike!

First Dissidia Final Fantasy NT DLC Character To Be Revealed Next Week

It will be a male villain from the later games.