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Report: Grand Theft Auto V’s Development and Marketing Budget is £170 million/$266 Million

It’ll probably make that back in a day.


New Grand Theft Auto V Screenshots Released

Will we see Grand Theft Auto Online this week?


Agent Appears on Rockstar Employee LinkedIn as “in Development” as of 2012

Secret Agent.


Rockstar Games Releases Ten New Grand Theft Auto V Screenshots (Update: Rockstar Says “These Screens are From the Current Generation of Consoles”)

Rockstar Games are exhibitionists. Here’s them showing off their goods to the world.


Analyst Believes GTA V Will Sell 25 Million in First Year

Grand Theft Auto: Cash Cow.


New Grand Theft Auto V Trailer Premieres Wednesday, November 14th

Pre-orders are now officially live!

Halloween Ed - 3

Trick or Treat? A Look at Halloween Themed DLC

Hmmm Snickers, Spree, and….ooh new DLC! Sweet!


Rockstar: Yes, GTA V is Coming out Next Spring, Here’s Some Artwork, New Info Next Month

I feel like some hot coffee.


UK Retailer GAME Confirms Spring 2013 Release for GTA V

All but confirmation at this point.


GameStop Lists March Release for Grand Theft Auto V

‘Cause there’s no better way to celebrate the end of winter.


Analyst “Increasingly Concerned” Grand Theft Auto V Will Launch Post March 2013

Don’t they usually release their games in May anyway?


Sony Hong Kong Lists GTA III for Release on PSN Next Week

Stirring up trouble in Liberty City old school.