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Watch Dogs 2 Offers New Ways to Hack and More Player Freedom, Says Game Director

The emphasis is on “big data” not just surveillance.


Dishonored & Titanfall Devs Among Others Talk E3 Leaks, Hold Mixed Opinions

Some are optimistic, others not so much.


Watch Dogs 2 Can Be Beaten Even If You Barely Touch the Story

Progression is tied to followers, not towers.

E3 2016 – Watch Dogs 2 Hands-On Preview – Go Go Gadget Marcus

Meet Marcus, and his new toys.


Watch Dogs 2 Releases on November 15 for PS4, Xbox One & PC

Watch the debut trailer, learn more about the new protagonist.


PS4 Games That Can Steal the Show at E3 2016

10 reasons to be excited!


Watch Dogs 2 Release Date Is November 15, According to Leaked Ad

Looks like we’re headed to San Francisco!


Watch Dogs 2 World Premiere Happening on Wednesday, June 8

Less than 48 hours to go!


Report: Watch Dogs 2 Promo Item Tees Up E3 Unveiling

Sequel all but confirmed with…sunglasses?


10 PS4 Sequels That Could Fulfill Untapped Potential

Knack 2: Electric Boogaloo


Ubisoft: Watch Dogs 2 Will Have a “New Tone,” E3 2016 Press Conference to Include “Lots of Dates”

That AAA IP will be revealed very soon.


Ubisoft Financials: The Division Has 9.5 Million Players, Far Cry Primal Set a Sales Record

Ubisoft had three of the best-selling games in Q1 2016.


Rumor: Possible Identity of Watch Dogs 2 Protagonist Leaks Online

Spoilers: It’s not Aiden Pearce.


Watch Dogs 2 Pre-Orders Now Being Offered by GameStop

Available for PS4 and Xbox One.


The Clickbait Podcast Ep. 13 – Why We’re Excited for Assassin’s Dog Cry: Ghost Siege 5

And the follow-up: Far Rainbow Recon: Creed Watch 6


Speculating on the Who, What and Why of Watch Dogs 2

But who watches the Watch Dogs?


Ubisoft Report Confirms Destiny to Be Biggest New IP Launch Ever

Ubisoft believes The Division could dethrone Bungie’s shooter.

Watch_Dogs Being hacked

Ubisoft CEO Reflects on Watch Dogs 2 and Assassin’s Creed, For Honor Billed as A “Core” Game

Questions rose over AC’s annual status after Unity.


Next Watch Dogs, For Honor & South Park: The Fractured But Whole Releasing Before March 31, 2017

You’ll also see Ghost Recon: Wildlands and a “new high-potential AAA brand.”