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Dragon Ball FighterZ loot boxes

Dragon Ball FighterZ Will Have Loot Boxes

Thankfully they can only be bought with in-game currency.

little witch academia ps4

Little Witch Academia Releases This February in North America & Europe

That’s soon!

Latest Digimon Cyber Sleuth: Hacker’s Memory Trailer Offers More Gameplay Footage

Recover whats yours!

Dragon Ball FighterZ Open Beta Extended

Dragon Ball FighterZ Open Beta Returns This Week

Great news!

majin android 21

Majin Android 21 Revealed for Dragon Ball FighterZ

She’s not just for the story!

Gundam Versus Build Strike Gundam

Build Strike Gundam & Farsia Finally Coming to Gundam Versus

A unit from the mainline Gundam Build Fighters is finally included!

Gintama Rumble trophy list

Gintama Rumble’s Trophy List is Shockingly Generic

Not quite what fans would want.

New Gundam Breaker Logo

New Gundam Breaker Announced for PlayStation 4

It will be released worldwide!

bc project game

More Information About the Upcoming BC Project Emerges

4v4 team battles and more.

Gintama Rumble trailer 2 special version

Check Out This Wacky Version of Gintama Rumble’s 2nd Trailer

Gintama fans should already know what to expect.

New Gundam Game announcement at New Year Festival 2018

A New Gundam Game for Console Will be Announced Soon

Don’t miss the live stream!

Dragon Ball FighterZ Open Beta Extended

Dragon Ball FighterZ Beta Extension Being Considered by Bandai Namco

The issues can’t be fixed in a short amount of time.

Katamari Damacy PS4

Keita Takahashi Wants a Katamari Damacy Remaster

Roll me up.

Dragon Ball FighterZ Open Beta Extended

PSA: You Can Download the Dragon Ball FighterZ Open Beta

Download it before it begins!

dragon ball fighterz beerus

Watch the Dragon Ball FighterZ Beerus Trailer

He’s coming for your pudding.

Gintama Rumble Vita Trailer

Check Out The PlayStation Vita Trailer for Gintama Rumble

The portable console gets the spotlight here.

That Dark Souls Trilogy Box Set Isn’t Coming West

Limited to Japan.