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Video Reveals How to Find the TimeSplitters 2 Easter Egg in Homefront: The Revolution

You’ll also get to see some TimeSplitters 2 gameplay.

Crytek: VR is the “Bleeding Edge of Technology,” Robison: The Journey Will Show CryEngine’s Strengths

“We believe VR is here to stay.”

PGW 2015: Crytek Announces Robinson: The Journey for PlayStation VR (Update)

Cevat Yerli took the stage at Paris Games Week.

PAX Prime 2015: Homefront: The Revolution Hands-On Preview – A Far Cry

Will just have to wait and see about this one.

Homefront: The Revolution Had a “Linear, Scripted Campaign” Before THQ Went Bankrupt

“The question was, ‘why not take this open world?”

Report: Amazon Makes Huge Licensing Deal With Crytek

The deal reportedly revolves around CryEngine.

Crytek Signs New Licensing Deal With Unknown Company

The deal is ” probably the biggest one”

Homefront: The Revolution Won’t Become “Vaporware,” Deep Silver Assures

Dambuster Studios is “working hard” on it.

Crytek Open to Ryse: Son of Rome PS4 Version After PC Version is Finished

That would be nice.

Crytek Says It’s Becoming Difficult to Impress Gamers With Beautiful Graphics

Consoles “clearly” behind high-spec GPUs.

Crytek Hopes to “Get Back on Track” With High Quality Games

Damage control.

Crytek CEO: Crytek is “Absolutely” Safe, Ryse 2 Could Come to PS4

There was only a small delay in salary payments.

Crytek Still Owns TimeSplitters IP, Not Part of Homefront Deal

It’s not part of the Homefront deal confirms Deep Silver.

Crytek Finally Acknowledges Financial Situation, Won’t be Communicating Future Details About “Developments & Progress”

Crytek has secured more money, but will its former employees see any of it?

Crytek’s Engineer Leaves Developer After 10 Years to Join id Software

The new Doom was unveiled at QuakeCon 2014.

Crytek: “A Lot of Love” for TimeSplitters at the Studio

“Whenever we say, ‘What would you like to do next?’, it’s TimeSplitters.”

Homefront: The Revolution Director Resigns, Crytek in Trouble

Future of Homefront: The Revolution remains unknown.

Report: Crytek on the Verge of Bankruptcy, Company Denies Claims – (Update)

Crytek going kaput?

Homefront: The Revolution Nine-Minute Gameplay Video Blasts Out

Nine-minutes of pew-pew-pew.

“Crytek Will be Bidding” for the Darksiders IP When it Goes to Auction on April 1st

They’re going to the dark side of the auction.